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Brazosport College receives $3 million gift from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott

Brazosport College receives $3 million gift from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott

Tue Jun 15, 2021

Brazosport College is excited to announce it has received a $3 million gift from author and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. The unexpected gift is one of the largest in Brazosport College history.

“We are truly humbled by the generosity from MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett with this amazing gift,” said Brazosport College President Dr. Millicent Valek. “Brazosport College is incredibly proud to be recognized for the tremendous strides taken toward achieving student success. This gift will be managed through the Brazosport College Foundation as we continue assisting with our goal of breaking down and removing barriers for our students.”

The donation recognizes Brazosport College for its ability to successfully educate underserved students. Scott announced Brazosport College as a gift recipient earlier today in a blog post.

Scott’s team spent the first quarter of 2021 “identifying and evaluating equity-oriented non-profit teams working in areas that have been neglected,” and Brazosport College was one of 286 “high-impact organizations” that was chosen for a portion of more than $2.7 billion in gifts.

“Higher education is a proven pathway to opportunity, so we looked for two- and four-year institutions successfully educating students who come from communities that have been chronically underserved,” she wrote in her latest post.

Her announcement this morning marks the third round of major philanthropic gifts she has made in recent months. Since July 2020, her donations have totaled 8.5 billion.

Scott’s official announcement can be viewed on her blog at mackenzie-scott.medium.com/seeding-by-ceding-ea6de642bf/.

For more information about Brazosport College, call (979) 230-3000 or visit brazosport.edu.