Math Student of the Week

CE instructor introduces new program to increase student participation

CE instructor introduces new program to increase student participation

Mon Feb 10, 2020

Student of the Week

Derrick Walton and Julia Nicholson

Davis Gilbert, who serves BC students as the Industrial Math teacher in the Adult Education and Literacy program in Community Education, recently initiated a "Student of the Week" program to increase student participation, to motivate, to foster a positive environment, and for the students to have a weekly goal to achieve.  

Through this program, students are recognized as “Student of the Week” and receive a “MATH” pin. The week of February 3, Davis couldn’t choose one student … he had to choose two — Julia Nicholson and Derrick Walton.  

“Both of these students give 110% every day and offer to help other students,” Davis said. “Though they might not understand how to do a particular problem, they face the challenge of the problem with eagerness and a positive attitude. I had the honor of giving each of these students their ‘MATH’ pin today.” 

While Davis raves about his students, his colleagues laud his devotion.

“We are amazed by Davis’ continuous support for all of his students and their success,” said Krystal Watson, HSE Coordinator. “He goes above and beyond spending countless hours planning lessons and creating activities that are interactive and suitable for all learners. His classroom is conducive to student learning and student success.”