BC named as one of nation’s most attractive yet affordable colleges

BC named as one of nation’s most attractive yet affordable colleges

Thu Nov 20, 2014

Brazosport College was recently listed among the nation’s “most attractive yet affordable” colleges by the higher education website affordableschools.net.

Brazosport College was ranked No. 2 based on its lower-than-average tuition costs and “visuallystunning sights.” An online source for students, Affordableschools.net was assist students in making smart higher education choices.

Schools included on the list, which included 30 colleges and universities, had to be qualified as affordable by the online resource, with one or both of tuition fees and total cost of attendance below the national average. The institutions then also needed to have campuses deemed to be attractive, based on factors such as green spaces, views and architecturally significant buildings.

Brazosport College was selected because of recent large-scale renovations that included numerous new buildings, refurbished areas and added greenery, coupled with tuition fees well lower than the national average. Statistics used in the report were gathered from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Affordableschools.net was created to help adults of all ages and backgrounds obtain a high quality education while avoiding huge college costs and, in many cases, huge college debt, which can hover over their lives for years. It was established to help students make smart, higher education choices.

To view the website’s list of “30 Most Attractive Yet Affordable College Campuses,” go toaffordableschools.net/30-attractive-yet-affordable-college-campuses. To learn more about Brazosport College, visit www.brazosport.edu.