STEM2019-2-Life is Science

Students explore STEM concepts through hands-on activities, field trips

Students explore STEM concepts through hands-on activities, field trips

Wed Aug 14, 2019

Energy at Work

Brazosport College recently completed its STEM Enrichment Camps, in which local high school students participated in educational STEM activities with a focus on having fun. 

The eight one-week camps focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills, with students conducting unique experiments and off-campus trips and tours. The summer camps were for students advancing to 9th through 12th grade in Fall 2019.

The camps were funded by a Governor’s Summer Merit grant. Brazosport Independent School District helped identify eligible students and provided transportation services.

“This is the second time we’ve been awarded this grant and we are thrilled to be able to bring this resource to the youth in our community,” said Anne Bartlett, Brazosport College Vice President, Industry and Community Resources. “The camps allowed youth to explore STEM concepts through hands-on activities and field trips. Most importantly, however, the camps gave students an opportunity to keep learning throughout the summer months.”

Among the field trips, a visit to iFLY gave campers the chance to sky dive, as well as the opportunity to test physics theories. Chevron Phillips, Dow, Chemical Co., STP Nuclear Operating Company and the Wood Group provided tours and virtual reality labs that allowed the students to see technology at work in some of the College’s most trusted industry partners. Campers also visited the Downtown Aquarium, George Observatory and Johnson Space Center, among other locations.

The camps were held at Brazosport College and were provided at no cost for students. 

Below are a few pictures from this summer’s STEM Enrichment Camps:

STEM2019-Energy at Work

Students participate in a cup dominoes STEM challenge in the Energy at Work camp.

STEM2019-Technology at Work

During the Technology at Work camp, students coded microbit robots.

STEM2019-Science at Work

One of the first activities in the Science at Work camp was making name tags for students’ lab coats.

STEM2019-Life is Science

Students performed a pig autopsy during the Life is Science Camp.