Vocal ensemble Heinavanker to appear at the Clarion

Vocal ensemble Heinavanker to appear at the Clarion

Mon Nov 3, 2014

Brazosport College will host a performance by Estonian vocal ensemble Heinavanker at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 7.

The concert, which is being presented by the Brazosport College Music Department, is free to the public and will be at The Clarion at Brazosport College.
Founded in 1966 by artistic director Margo K õ lar of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Heinavanker is frequently heard at festivals and concerts throughout the United States and Europe. The ensemble’s most recent CD, “Songs of Olden Times: Estonion Folk Hymns and Runic Songs,” was released last year.
Heinavanker is a unique meeting point for musicians active in different fields. The group has delved into early sacred music, our ancestors’ traditions and contemporary imagination. Ancient Estonian runic songs and folk hymns are an important part of Heinavanker’s repertoire.

The name “Heinavanker” originates from Hieronymos Bosch’ (1453-1516) Haywain Triptych. Its allegoric scenes seem as if inspired from today’s life. On this strange painting, there’s a huge stack of hay rolling through a land laboring in acquisitiveness toward destruction. In the midst of this, music arises. Both a snide demon and a praying angel are trying to get the musicians under their domain of influence.

For more information about Friday’s show featuring Heinavanker, call the Clarion Box Office at 979.230.3156 or visit www.brazosport.edu/clarion.