State Authorization

State Authorization Agreements give participating institutions the approval to operate outside their native borders and within a different state, as long as they have agreed and adhere to the requirements determined by that state’s higher education regulatory agency. Every state is different and can have different educational requirements for courses and programs designed to meet professional licensure or credentials. This is important to know when considering registering for out-of-state courses or if planning to practice in another state.

Brazosport Community College has been approved by Texas to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements. NC-SARA is a voluntary, regional approach to state oversight of postsecondary distance education. As of April 2020, Brazosport is authorized to serve students in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Professional Licensure

Some academic programs at Brazosport Community College require or prepare students to sit for applicable licensure and/or certification examinations in Texas. Out-of-state students seeking to enroll in a program leading to professional licensure or certification need to contact the appropriate department at Brazosport to discuss enrollment and professional licensure options available.

A Professional licensure disclosure is a regulation of the U. S. Department of Education requiring all colleges and universities to communicate publicly and directly to prospective and current students about whether academic programs (1) will or will not fulfill educational requirements for a specific professional licensure that is required for employment in that field; and (2) academic programs that meet or do not meet the education requirements for licensure for each state and U.S. territory regardless of the delivery mode of the program.

If you are considering a program that leads to a professional license or certificate in a state other than Texas, view program and certification disclosures below which will indicate whether our curriculum:

  • meets state educational requirements for licensure or certification
  • does not meet state educational requirements for licensure or certification
  • has not yet made a determination

Student Location

In addition, upon registering for a program you must provide the address that best describes your physical location of where you will be during the semester you take the course. Meaning, you might be in one state when registering, but another when actually taking the course. To change location information you must update your student record address by contacting

Health Sciences


Contact: Janena Norris (979-230-3374)

Associates Degree in Nursing

Contact: Nicole Millikan (979-230-3558)

Licensed Vocational Nursing

Emergency Medical Services

Contact: Lara Hartley (979-230-3432)

Emergency Medical Technician-Basic

Emergency Medical Technician-Advanced


Computer Technology

Contact: Gregg Greer (979-230-3357)

Information Systems Support & Networking

Criminal Justice

Contact: Chris Mezzino (979-230-3180)

Law Enforcement Academy

Office Administration

Medical Office Specialty

Contact: Ivory Robinson (979-230-3361)

Certified Medical Admin Assistant

Certified Professional Coder

Early Childhood

Contact: Arlinda Montiel (979-230-3536)

Early Childhood Development

Student Complaints

If you have a complaint you must follow the Brazosport College Complaint Process as described under the Student Rights and Student Code section in the most recent version of the Student Guide and Calendar.

To submit a complaint complete the Student Complaint & Grievance form. Information provided will be used in efforts to resolve your complaint.