GRANT-FUNDED - SAP Training - ERP-101 Intro to Enterprise Systems

AudienceAnyone interested in gaining an understanding of how SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently.


This course is an introduction to enterprise systems with a particular emphasis on SAP software. This includes the fundamentals of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems concepts and the importance of how they are used within an organization. Students will have an applied curriculum that takes them through the following business processes: financial and cost accounting (FICO), production, sales, material planning, and inventory & warehouse management. Students will learn the front-end user perspective of each of these areas on the most current SAP systems, and become comfortable with creating standard business documents.


1. Must be able to attend ALL week
2. Have access to a laptop with MS Office
3. Have downloaded TEAMS
4. Must agree to submit required grant forms

Pre-Work Required

Suggested Class Size

In-Person 24
Virtual 15-18
Course Length

1-week bootcamps as follows:
- In-person - 40 hours
- Virtual - 20 hours