AudienceSupervisors, Managers, Team Leaders, Team Members, Individual Contributors

DescriptionYour ability to manage priorities effectively depends largely on your ability to communicate with others. In this unit, participants will learn interpersonal techniques that will help make-work flow smoothly and productively. At the completion of this unit, participants will be able to:
  • Explain why the ability to manage competing priorities is an important skill in today’s workplace
  • Review their individual priorities as the basis for communicating clearly with others about what must be done to meet important goals
  • Handle interruptions and requests for help in ways that build or maintain good working relationships
  • Clarify expectations for tasks they need to perform
  • Analyze their own needs and work with others to identify ways to handle competing priorities
  • Decide when to delegate or hand off tasks and how to do this effectively


Pre-Work Required

Suggested Class Size

Minimum 12
Maximum 20
Course Length

4 hours