AudienceAnyone who deals with employees in a leadership role. Team or group leader, supervisor, manager, etc. Those who need to expand their communication ability when talking with upper management.

DescriptionCommunicating Up (CU) provides the tools necessary to align the individual with communication requirements of his or her manager. With its focus on preparation and clear commitments, CU can help even experienced managers build a more effective process for communicating and collaborating within the organizational hierarchy.

CU helps managers learn the process required for informative and productive dialogs that will be valued by more senior managers. Throughout the session, they will review video presentations and case studies, and participate in group discussions. Attendees leave with an understanding of the basics for communicating upward. This half-day workshop includes discussion on the following:
  • Understanding Your Manager's Communication Style
  • Delivering Bad News
  • Communicating Your Group's Accomplishments
  • Getting Your Manager's Time and Attention


Pre-Work Required

Suggested Class Size

Minimum 12
Maximum 20
Course Length4 hours