Boot Camp & PET Training for New Hire Operators

AudienceNewly hired Process Operators/Technicians without a process technology degree.

DescriptionThe Boot Camp Trainer was designed to introduce basic operation procedures.

The PET (Process Equipment Trainer), which operates similar to any industrial plant, was designed to provide new and non-experienced employees with practical hand-on training using a conventional life size process.

ObjectivesParticipants will become familiar with how a process control loop works and use that knowledge to operate a Process Control Trainer.

During the PET training, participants will demonstrate utilization of procedures and checklists to safely start-up, operate, run product lab analysis, troubleshoot and shutdown the process.

Training Agenda:
DAY 1 (Boot Camp)
  • Introduction to field unit trainer and startup
  • Field unit exercises
    •  Pump swap
    •  Filter swap
    •  Placing control loop on bypass
    •  Locating plugs
    •  Responding to spills
DAY 2 (Pilot Plant Lab / PET)
  • Process Control introduction
  • Operate process control trainers (Plants A1, A2, A3)
  • Process control written exercise
  • Process Equipment Training (PET) introduction
    •  Unit Emergency Plan
    •  General Process
  • Safety
  • Process equipment
  • Plant air system
  • Storage / Feed area
  • Tower / Reboiler area
  • Cooling / Condensing area
  • Vacuum system
  • Sample analysis
  • Troubleshooting
PrerequisitesBasic process knowledge such as valves, pumps and familiarization with process equipment and instrumentation. 

Course Length40 hours (5 days)