AudiencePLEASE NOTE: This course has two titles/descriptions and is delivered based on the need but the standard course is Navigating Through Conflict unless otherwise requested.

Navigating Through Conflict: (a)
This workshop will help individuals resolve conflict in the workplace constructively without assistance from a coach or leader. Conflict is inevitable. How the conflict is handled will determine if it is constructive or destructive to the organization. In a flat organization, it is important all individuals have the skills necessary to resolve conflict constructively.

Handling Conflicts: (b)
The differences people bring to the workplace can promote tremendous creativity and innovation. Those same differences can also contribute to misunderstandings, which can lead to discord and, if left unresolved, dispute. Individuals performers need to know how to effectively navigate beyond conflict to prevent damage from occurring. In this course, individual performers learn how to recognize the warning signs of conflict and take action to prevent situations from escalating or to work out the conflict if it does escalate. This allows them to mitigate any negative impact, thus reducing the cost of conflict and improve business results.

Description(a) Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Recognize sources and reasons for conflict.
  • Recognize the benefits of constructive conflict resolution.
  • Use key principles and interaction guidelines to resolve difficult situations.
  • Follow process for resolving conflict constructively.
  • Handle difficult conflict situations.
  • Coach others in conflict resolution (optional).

(b) Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Reduce the cost of conflict to them and their organization.
  • Minimize or prevent conflict by promoting a culture of trust, mutual respect and collaboration.
  • Make appropriate choices, both in words and actions, to direct situations away from possible damage and toward the discovery of new ideas and solutions.
  • Remove roadblocks to proactively take action when the warning signs of conflict occur.
  • Successfully plan and conduct conflict resolution discussions.


Suggested Class Size

Minimum 3
Maximum 12
Full day