The facilities of the College are intended to be used to the fullest in keeping with the purposes of the College. Users of the Dow Academic Center may include regents, employees, student groups, and non-College groups. Serving this diverse constituency requires adherence to formal priorities, schedules, and standards.

Office Hours

Office hours are Monday-Thursday from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM and Friday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM, but may vary due to scheduled events. Please call 979-230-3100, or email dac@brazosport.edu, to schedule an appointment.

Rental Hours

Monday - Sunday
7:30 AM to 11:59 PM.

Events should plan to end so that all items can be removed by midnight. The facility closes at midnight during events.


Requests to schedule the Dow Academic Center shall be directed to The Dow Academic Center at Brazosport College, 500 College Drive, Lake Jackson, TX, 77566; dac@brazosport.edu; or 979-230-3100.

Individuals and groups who desire to reserve the Dow Academic Center shall comply with these procedures and complete all required applications and forms. Applications shall be submitted at least 60 calendar days, but no more than 18 months, prior to the scheduled event so that the College can ensure compliance with these procedures. 

Each application shall identify at least one responsible party who shall serve as the primary contact for the event. The application shall include the contact’s name, home and work addresses, birth date, telephone numbers, and driver’s license number or other government-identification number.  All applicants must be at least 18 years old; however, if alcohol will be served at the event, the responsible party must be at least 21 years old. The applicant must state on the application whether alcohol will be served at the event.

The College will approve or reject applications within ten business days. If an application is approved, the applicant shall schedule an appointment to sign the formal rental agreement and pay all required fees and deposits within five business days. The College reserves the right to reject applications that are incomplete or untimely or if the applicant has failed to comply with these procedures.

Insurance Requirements

For all events not sponsored by the College, the College shall institute a hold harmless and indemnification agreement, which is included in the rental agreement. Event insurance coverage is provided by Philadelphia Insurance Companies. The College will collect the required fee for insurance coverage at the time of rental and submit the event organizer’s name, address and fees paid to Philadelphia Insurance Company.

The event organizer shall indemnify the College from liability resulting from damage or injury occurring in connection with the event proximately caused by the actions of the responsible party, the sponsoring organization, its officers, employees, or agents, or any person under their control, insofar as permitted by law.

Types of Events; Restrictions on Use; Security and Parking

The Dow Academic Center is suitable for the following types of events and activities:  conferences; meetings; charitable fundraisers; weddings and receptions; exhibitions; trade shows; art shows; graduation ceremony; and similar types of events.

Certain events and activities will not be permitted, including, but not limited to events involving live animals; fireworks or open fires; firearms, illegal knives, weapons, and ammunition; and explosives. The event organizers shall not use or carry on any activity that might emit significantly offensive odors on the premises. The event organizer shall not employ external lighting or search lights without prior approval from the Dow Academic Center Coordinator.

Permissible activities must be conducted in a manner that does not disturb or interfere with the academic programs or administrative or business activities of the College or any program or activity that is conducted by or is authorized by the College. Additionally, permissible activities shall not:

  • interfere with the free entry to or exit from a building, structure, or facility;
  • interfere with the flow of pedestrians or vehicular traffic on sidewalks or streets or at places of ingress and egress to and from property, buildings, or facilities;
  • deny the use of offices or other facilities to the students, faculty, staff, or guests of the College;
  • threaten or endanger the safety of any person on campus;
  • engage in conduct that is likely to result in damage to or destruction of College property or to cause disruption in utilities;
  • disturb or interfere with other events scheduled at the same time;
  • create a sustained or repeated noise disturbance that substantially interferes with a speaker’s ability to communicate with others and/or the rights of others to listen; or
  • attempt to prevent a College event or other lawful assembly by the threat or use of force or violence.

Brazosport College will schedule and manage required security for all events based on the size and length of the event, the type of event, and whether alcohol will be served. The College may utilize uniformed, commissioned officers as well as security guards. Charges for security will be included in the total rental fee and must be paid at least five business days prior to the event.

Brazosport College reserves the right to control the premises and to enforce all necessary and proper rules for the management and operation of the premises. The Dow Academic Center Coordinator, his or her deputy, police officers, firefighters and other designated representatives may enter the location, including any or all of the premises, at any time. The facility remains under the management and control of the College at all times.

Licensee has access to the lobby area immediately adjacent to the space being rented by the licensee. Request for additional lobby use will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Wireless guest network access is available at the Dow Academic Center. The Dow Academic Center Coordinator will work with event organizers to manage network access to event registrants per College policy.

Children must remain supervised at all times.

Smoking is not permitted in the Dow Academic Center or the surrounding area. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas on the College campus. These are clearly marked with a smoking sign. Violators may be asked to leave the campus.

Property Control; Property Damage; Clean-Up

The College owns the tables, chairs, equipment, and fixtures in the Dow Academic Center. Event organizers may not bring in additional equipment without permission of the Coordinator. If additional equipment is allowed, the equipment shall be specifically identified in an addendum to the written agreement.

The College will provide the event organizers with a printed layout of the area being leased. The event organizers shall confer with the Coordinator over the desired placement of the College’s furniture within the area. The College will provide set-up of the College’s furniture. The College reserves the right to reject a proposed set-up that, in the College’s assessment, is unsafe, restricts entrances or exits, violates any local codes or ordinances, or interferes with other scheduled uses.

Event organizers are permitted a reasonable amount of decoration within the reserved area.  No later than 30 calendar days before the event, the event organizers must submit to the Coordinator a specific plan for all decorations. Only free-standing decorations are permitted. Decorations may not be hung from the ceiling or attached to walls. Nails, tacks, tape or other affixing devices are prohibited from use. Confetti, glitter, hay, sawdust, and rose petals are not allowed on the premises. Fireworks and sparklers also are prohibited. Bubbles and rice are permitted in outdoor areas only.

After the event, the College shall provide for the clean-up of the facility, assuming ordinary use of the facility. The clean-up fee shall be included in the regular rental rate/usage fee. If the event produces excessive trash, or if the area needs more than an ordinary cleaning, the College may charge an additional clean-up fee.

At the conclusion of the rental period, the event organizer shall remove any and all non-College-owned items brought into the Dow Academic Center. Any unclaimed items may be stored by Brazosport College, and a reasonable storage fee shall be assessed against the event organizer’s deposit. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the College shall have no liability to the event organizer or any person in connection with lost or stored items.

If the premises, or any portion of the building, are damaged by the event organizers or their employees, agents, patrons, guests, or any person admitted to the premises by the event organizers, the event organizer will pay to the College, upon demand such sum as shall be necessary to restore the premises to the condition that existed prior to the use of the premises. The amount due may be subtracted from the deposit. The responsible party is responsible for the actual cost of repairs for damage to any College-owned equipment or property even if the cost of repair exceeds any deposits or fees previously paid by the responsible party.

A group or individual who fails to pay for property damage or whose activity causes severe property damage may be prohibited from renting the premises.

Fee Schedule; Costs

The Coordinator of the Dow Academic Center shall maintain a schedule of reasonable fees that is approved by the President or his or her designee. Fees will be based on the published prices for room rental as listed in the facility rental brochure and for additional services as listed on the application. Additional fees may be assessed for events scheduled during College holidays or for excessive set-ups, break-downs, and/or clean-ups.

Once the application is approved, the event organizer shall sign the required written rental agreement and pay a 50% rental fee deposit within five - ten business days. Any remaining fees and rental fee balances are due 30 days prior to the activity. Details concerning cancellation and/or forfeiture of deposits are included in the rental agreement.

Trade shows or events with multiple vendors may be assessed additional charges for set-up, break-down, lobby usage, or a percentage of revenue generated. These fees may be negotiated on a case by case basis. Additional services, accommodations, or materials other than those ordinarily provided for the premises (miscellaneous pricing items, special set-ups, special labor request and special utility services) may be requested and included in the rental agreement.

Technology Support Packages will be required with the use of any College technology or audiovisual item(s) (e.g., projector, screen, computer, microphones). Should the event organizer decline the use of College technology/audiovisual equipment, system connection and/or technology support, a College technician will not be available for assistance before or during the event. Additionally, the event organizer shall not have access to any College-owned technology.

After the conclusion of an event, refunds will be issued by Brazosport College in accordance with the written agreement.

Food Service; Catering

All events held at the Dow Academic Center that feature food or drink must use an approved caterer from the Approved Caterer List provided by Brazosport College.  Caterers on the Approved Caterer List shall meet certain minimum standards, including presenting a certificate of insurance coverage with a reputable insurance company authorized by the State of Texas. The Approved Caterer List is available from the Coordinator and on the Dow Academic Center web page. Wedding cakes do not apply and do not have an approved list.

The College or its authorized agents shall have the right at all reasonable times to enter food services areas to inspect such areas, to observe the performance by caterer, to perform maintenance, and clean and make repairs in any case where the caterer is obligated, but has failed to do so.

The Dow Academic Center features one kitchen.  The kitchen will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The event organizer shall notify the Coordinator at the time of the rental application whether the event organizer desires use of the kitchen. The Coordinator will inform the event organizer whether another party has reserved the kitchen for the same date and time. Multiple caterers may use the kitchen at the same time, but all parties must agree and work together cooperatively.

Unless the caterer has a separate agreement with the College in which the Approved Caterer has agreed to assume all such liability, the event organizer shall be liable for and pay on demand by the College all costs associated with the caterer’s failure to comply with the provisions of this Agreement.

Use of Alcoholic Beverages at the Dow Academic Center

Events that feature the serving of alcoholic beverages shall be conducted under the laws of the State of Texas and rules and regulations of Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Responsible parties are required to contact TABC for information regarding such rules and regulations. The local TABC office phone number is 979-798-7441.

At any event where a TABC license is required, a copy of the license shall be filed with the Dow Academic Center at least one week prior to the event.

When alcohol is allowed, such beverages shall only be consumed in the area(s) rented to the responsible party as stated in the lease agreement and not in restrooms, foyers, cars, parking lots, or surrounding areas of the center. Only authorized individuals are permitted to deliver alcoholic beverages onto the premises or remove them from the premises at the conclusion of the event.

Cash bars are not permitted except in strict conformity with the rules and regulations of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Failure to comply with TABC regulations may result in closure or cancellation of the event by the TABC, the College, or local law enforcement.