Welcome to Brazosport College

Brazosport College exists to improve quality of life by providing certificate, associate and baccalaureate degree programs, academic transfer programs, workforce development, and cultural enrichment in an efficient and cost effective manner. The board, faculty and staff are committed to student success and lifelong learning by responding to student needs, creating a dynamic learning environment, and enriching our communities.
The College of Choice.  
As the College of Choice, the Brazosport College board, faculty, and staff will be broadly engaged in supporting all students intellectually, socially, and culturally, preparing them to thrive within the global community. As a national leader of student success initiatives, the College will develop lifelong learners and prepare competitive citizens for tomorrow’s workforce. 

Core Values   
Student Success—Creating a learner-centered institution focused on academic excellence, we engage all students through multiple strategies to attain educational and personal goals.
Partnerships—Fostering innovative partnerships, we contribute to the educational, economic, and cultural advancement of our local and global communities.
Integrity—Adhering to the highest ethical standards while promoting personal and social responsibility, we are accountable for the use of college and community resources.
People—Recognizing that education is a human endeavor, we create a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment in which we recruit and retain excellent people, encouraging all to pursue excellence.
Continuous Improvement—Establishing evidence-based processes to set student success goals, the College evaluates its programs and services to drive measurable continuous improvement. 

Vision 2020.pdf - Brazosport College Strategic Plan
Report on Student Success.pdf - Brazosport College Report on Student Success