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Brazosport College has clear institutional policies concerning ownership of materials and copyright. Board Policy CT (Local) and administrative regulation EDD-R (Local) outline college policies regarding ownership, intellectual property, and copyright.

Board Policy CT (Local) states “employees, including student employees, shall not have rights to work he or she creates on College District time or using College District technology resources.” The policy does state certain limitations when the copyrighted materials and patentable products were developed by college employees in the performance of their assigned duties when the college President makes a written claim to partial ownership. The policy makes clear that copyrighted materials and patentable products developed by students are the sole property of the student. Administrative regulation EDD-R (Local) further clarifies the role of students in the ownership of materials.

Administrative regulation EDD-R (Local) makes it clear that copyrights and patents are the responsibility of the employee. When developed in the performance of assigned duties, the policy states that “intellectual properties are owned by the College, unless the College president or designee makes a written statement of Creator’s partial or full ownership”. Further, intellectual property that has been created by employees are owned by the employee provided, among other things, that the “Creator reimburses the College for the use of any College materials, supplies, or equipment used in the creation of the Intellectual Property”.

Board Policy CT (Local) provides clear direction regarding copyrighted work. According to Board Policy CT (Local), “unless the proposed use of a copyrighted work is an exception under the “fair useguidelines maintained by the College President or designee, the College District shall require an employee or student to obtain a license or permission from the copyright holder before copying, modifying, displaying, performing, distributing, or otherwise employing the copyright holder’s work for instructional, curricular, or extracurricular purposes.” Furthermore, as outlined in Board Policy CT (Local), the College District “protects all College District and campus trademarks, including names, logos, mascots, and symbols, from unauthorized use.” Brazosport College grants permission to College District-affiliated students and organizations to use trademarks if the use is in furtherance of a College-related business or activity. The College President or designee determines whether use of trademarked work is deemed in furtherance of College District-related business. Finally, according to Board Policy CT (Local), public use of College District trademarks is only allowed with the written permission of the College President or designee.

Please note, all aforementioned board policies are publicly available to faculty, staff, and students in the online Brazosport College Board Policy Manual. Administrative regulations are published on an internal shared drive accessible to all College employees.


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