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About the Brazosport College Library

The Library provides Brazosport College students, faculty, and staff with print and electronic resources for reference as well as borrowing purposes.

Library Licenses & Subscriptions

The Library holds a number of separate licensing agreements with vendors to provide users with access to numerous databases and electronic resources. The agreements with these vendors require the Brazosport College Library to provide access to licenses materials only to authorized users (Brazosport College students, faculty, and staff).

Authorized users are also required to follow acceptable use policies. Policies for viewing, downloading, printing, and copying from electronic books, journals, and databases are determined by license agreements signed by the College. Users must observe the specific terms and conditions for each service. Examples of major vendors of electronic resources include EBSCO, JSTOR, Lexis Nexis and many resources offered through our membership with TexShare. View full list of subscriptions.

What can the Library do for you?

Students: Our databases and electronic resources are available to you 24/7 from on and off campus. To access these resources off campus use our Gator Search, you need to log in with your BC username and password when prompted. You will have access to e-books, academic journals, databases, study materials, and more. Our Reserve Collection includes textbooks from many BC courses. Instructors donate these books to the BC Library and determine how long and in what capacity they may be used. Many books are Room Reserve materials and may only be looked at with the BC Library. Others may be checked out overnight, for three days, or for one week.

You can search for the title of a book on the BC Library's catalog to see if we have it or stop by the BC Library and we can check to see if we have materials on hand for your class. If we do not, you can reach out to your instructor to see if they have a copy they can donate to place on reserve.

If you would like to visit the Library, view Map for our first and second floors as well as a description of the Library of Congress classification system to help you locate books.

Faculty: The library is happy to request information or trial access to electronic resources that you believe your students would benefit from accessing for their academic work. We are also more than willing to place any of your textbooks in our Reserve Collection. To do this, you just need to bring the book(s) to the BC Library and complete a Reserve form for each title.

In addition, if you are teaching through our Virtual Campus you can utilize the EBSCO Article Builder. The  integration of the article builder allows for adding licensed/subscription articles directly into your course. If you would like to see how smoothly this process works, contact Bryan Brown ( bryan.brown@brazosport.edu).

Chat with a Librarian

If you would like to know more about what the Brazosport College Library can do for you as a student, faculty, or staff, take a second and conduct a live chat with one of our Librarians.

Visit our college website for additional information and resources.


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