A bit of Wikipedia History about Lake Jackson

Lake Jackson, also known as the City of Enchantment is located in Brazoria County, Texas. It is named after a lake of the same name on the outskirts of town. The lake was named after the Lake Jackson family whose plantation house was located at the lake.

Minor ruins of the Lake Jackson Plantation can now be seen in a park at the site.

The City of Lake Jackson was built in the early 1940's as a planned community in support of a new plan of the Dow Chemical Company.

The Dow Chemical Company and the Brazosport Independent School District are major employers of residents.

Buc-ee's, the gas station convenience store chain has it's headquarters here.

Brazosport College Tid Bits (2011-2012)

  • 93-100 Online Faculty (fluctuates between semesters)
  • 88 Full Time Faculty (on average)
  • 82 Adjunct Faculty (on average)
  • 309 Online Courses (hybrid/full)
  • 2,326 online students

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