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The Grant Administration Office works with Brazosport College faculty, support staff, and administrators in the development of grant proposals that:  

  • Advance institutional strategic goals
  • Address existing student needs
  • Support corporate and community efforts and needs
  • Pilot demonstration initiatives
  • Replicate established best practices
  • Promote professional development of College personnel

Without the dedication and persistence of its faculty, administrators and support staff, Brazosport College would not be able to secure grant funds that enhance, expand, and improve the many programs needed to assist its students in fulfilling their dreams of a college education. Brazosport College and the Grant Administration Office recognize and appreciate the enthusiasm and hard work of the proposal development teams that create competitive applications.

Contact Us

Alicia Hodge
Grant Writer
Office: B-206
Phone: (979) 230-3311
Henry Willard
Grant Compliance Coordinator
Office: B-202
Phone: (979) 230-3133
Cynthia Laird
Administrative Office Specialisit
Office: B-205
Phone: (979) 230-3142