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The Grant Administration Office assists Brazosport College faculty, staff, and administrators in the preparation of proposals and other grant-related documents for submission to funding agencies (including federal and state agencies, corporations, and foundations). The comprehensive list of its services includes the following:
1. Development of Grant Programs  
  • Funding Sources - Identify possible sources of funds available from local, state and federal agencies, private and corporate foundations, and local businesses;
  • Information & Guidelines - Secure and disseminate program applications and information related to funding opportunities;
  • Technical Assistance - Provide technical assistance with program design & development;
  • Proposal Writing - Assist with the writing, reviewing and editing of letters of interest, intent to apply letters, and draft/final program proposal narratives;
  • Proposal Outlines - Prepare a proposal outline based upon grant requirements and guidelines published by a federal funding agency for College personnel interested in exploring federal grant application opportunities;
  • Sample Proposals - Provide and/or acquire previously successful grant applications for review and assistance with the preparation of new proposal packages;
  • Team Development - Assist with the development of grant teams and conduct team meetings; and,
  • Project Coordination - Coordinate proposal review processes and secure authorizations for proposals and contracts.
  • Document Approval - Secures administrator and appropriate staff signatures and approvals for submission of grant applications, contracts, and other documents; and,
  • Compliance - Monitors contracts and sub-agreements for compliance with polices and requirements as assigned by the funding agency.
2. Submission of Grant Applications
  • Submits all proposals and/or grant applications to funding sources.
  • Submits all program reports (quarterly and final) to funding sources.
  • Processes and submits all correspondence related to grant programs and applications.
3. Official Grant Contact Information
The Grant Administration Office serves as the official contact for all grant programs and applications. Information provided to funding sources is to include the name, phone number, and email address of appropriate Grant Administration staff.
4. Centralized Grant Files
The Grant Administration Office is responsible for the maintenance of complete grant program files. It is the responsibility of all program directors and other staff to ensure that a copy of all correspondence and grant-related documents is provided to the Grant Administration Office for inclusion in the centralized grant files. For more information, please contact Grant Administration.
5. Funder Relationships
Working in conjunction with the Brazosport College Foundation, grant staff will cultivate and develop working relationships with government agencies, foundations, and corporate giving programs.
6. Workshops and Training Opportunities
Training workshops and seminars designed to address the educational needs of College staff members in regards to all aspects of grant solicitations are provided through the Brazosport College Employee Development Center.

Contact Us

Alicia Hodge
Grant Writer
Office: B-206
Phone: (979) 230-3311
Bobi Cook
Grant Compliance Coordinator
Office: B-205
Phone: (979) 230-3142