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A wide range of workshops are available for faculty, staff and administrators through the Grant Administration Office. To schedule additional training sessions for individual grant teams within a division or to request a special topic, please contact Alicia Hodge at ext. 3311. The following is a list of currently available workshop topics:
  • Grant Writing 101 - This two-day workshop covers the basic components that comprise a successful grant application. Required for eligibility to participate in the Gator Grant program.
  • Grant Writing 201 - This two or three-day workshop provides hands-on assistance for individuals and grant teams prepared to begin writing a proposal. Prior to the workshop, the Grant Administration Office helps participants to clarify their program concepts; to develop an appropriate goal statement and objective outcomes; to locate basic, relevant statistics; to identify and select an appropriate grant opportunity; and to acquire information regarding the specific submission requirements of the selected funder. During the all-day sessions, participants focus solely on the development of their proposal under the guidance of the workshop presenter.
  • Mastering Outcomes 101 - As a follow-up workshop to Grant Writing 101, participants will continue learning how to create measurable outcomes and success indicators that will accurately document their program achievements.
  • Building Collaborative Relationships - This two-hour workshop provides participants with a structure implementation plan for building successful, inter-active partnerships, and mutually symbiotic relationships within the college community as well as with community-based agencies and organizations.
  • Writing Effective Evaluations - This two-hour workshop provides basic tips on how to write program evaluations that are simple yet comprehensive. Formative and summative evaluation strategies are thoroughly discussed and explained. Additionally, the workshop highlights the importance of both quantitative and qualitative data and the use of statistically significant survey data sets.
  • Measurable Outcomes - Workshop participants will learn how to create measurable outcomes and success indicators that accurately document programmatic achievements.
  • Program Logic Chart Development - Participants in this workshop learn to create program logic charts that can simplify the development of comprehensive program grant applications.
  • Finding Grant Opportunities - Learn more about the resources available through the Grant Office for locating information about upcoming grant opportunities, the latest best practices, and educational news.

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