This network is only for use with Brazosport College's equipment and cannot be used by employee or student personal devices. If you attempt to connect to this network, your device may be locked out of our system and you will need to contact the IT Helpdesk at 979-230-3266 to have your device unblocked. To connect your personal device, please see GatorBYOD below. 


The GatorBYOD SSID is for use by employees & students. Please use this SSID to connect your personal devices. See GatorBYOD login instructions: Android or iPhone. If you are not an employee or student of Brazosport College, please see the instructions for connecting to GatorWireless below.


The guest wireless network accessed via GatorWireless SSID is intended for short term use by guests of Brazosport College. You may gain temporary access to GatorWireless SSID by using one of the following guides: LaptopAndroid or iPhone. Guest accounts require a valid e-mail address and a valid cellphone number capable of receiving text messages. Guest accounts are temporary and will expire after 25 hours. If you need to connect again after the 25 hour period has elapsed, you will need to complete the sign-up process again.  

Students and employees of Brazosport College should use the GatorBYOD SSID instead of GatorWireless. 

If you are a student or employee and are using GatorWireless because you are having difficulty connecting to GatorBYOD, please contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance. 

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