Charge to the Board:

Develop and implement policies to protect human subjects of original research conducted by employees, contractors, students, or others at Brazosport College.   These policies will ensure that the rights of subjects are not violated.   Research means “a systematic investigation, including research development, information gathering/surveying, testing, and evaluation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge."   Review requests for research to ensure that institutional policies are followed. 

IRB Charter and Forms

BC IRB Charter and Operating Procedures
DBD(LOC) Board Policy

IRB Documentation and Forms

Change in Methods IRB Form

Consent to Participate Form

Expedited IRB Approval Form

Full IRB Review Form

IRB Exempt Form

Department Contacts

Cindy Ullrich
Director of Institutional Research
(979) 230-3415

Leslie Cummings
Research Analyst
(979) 230-3256

Robert Wood
Assistant Research Analyst
(979) 230-3189

IRB Members


Jeff Detrick
Anne Bartlett
Sheree Walls
Alicia Hodge
Calin Agut
Xiao Li
Linda McConnell