Amazing Access to Data

ZogoTech is a data warehouse that gives access to student data at the desktop in several forms through the use of a familiar windows/Internet interface, depending on the sophistication of the user. Standardized reports are available that include enrollment and all other defined key indicator reports. Added functionality includes the ability of the user to assemble with point-and-click ease, ad hoc reports (by drilling down the list of provided variables) on the fly at the user’s convenience. Once the ad hoc report is built, the user can save the report for use at another time. The user can also use SQL to run queries if desired. This expands the IR capacity without the addition of staff. Instead of having to call the IR office, the user can obtain the needed data through use of the ZogoTech software.

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Department Contacts

Cindy Ullrich
Director of Institutional Research
(979) 230-3415

Leslie Cummings
Research Analyst
(979) 230-3256

Robert Wood
Assistant Research Analyst
(979) 230-3189