Greetings to BC Employees,

Brazosport College is committed to fostering an educational and work environment that is safe and free from harassment and discrimination.  Regular training for employees is imperative to maintaining such an environment. Moreover, it is legislatively mandated by the State of Texas.

Recently, BC acquired a new online training software, SafeColleges, which provides compliance training on discrimination, harassment, campus safety, privacy, and cyber security. 

At this time, all full-time employees have been assigned various trainings to be completed in the fall and spring semesters.  Part-time employees will be contacted about their training during the spring semester. Each round of training should take no longer than 90 minutes, and is self-paced. You can start and leave the course as often as you'd like. When you return, the course will open to the last page visited. The best internet browser to use for the training is Google Chrome. 

The deadline for fall semester training is December 14th .

To access the training system:

  1. Access the training link:
  2. Sign in with your BC username (in uppercase) ie. VYOUNG (no password is needed)
  3. Upon signing in, you will see a screen with a green button that states “LOG ME IN!” Click on that button and you will be sent to your training dashboard. You will also receive a triggered email notification.  

Thank you for completing this training in a timely manner.  We appreciate your time and value your role in creating positive experiences for students and employees at Brazosport College.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.