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Use this form to request the development of print publications, artwork design, advertising, photography, event coverage, press releases, marketing plans, consulting, powerpoint presentations, website work, writing and/or video projects. Please allow at least 10 business days for project completion.

To discuss any project prior to submission contact our office at 979.230.3287.

Official college logos and guidelines

By downloading any Brazosport College logo, you are agreeing to not modify or distort them in any way. Any modifications may jeopardize the legal protection of the logo as a unique visual representation of the college.

While it is the responsibility of every Brazosport College employee to maintain the institution's identity clearly and consistently, the Marketing and Communications Department seeks to insure that quality standards are met by all college personnel in the areas of publications, advertising, special events, media relations and logo usage.

Business Cards

If you need business cards, please contact the BC print shop for the appropriate form. Once this form is approved, BC print shop will submit to Marketing & Communications and we will create the cards accordingly. 

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