The Marketing & Communications Department is responsible for the quality, content and production of all external printed and on-line publications which require graphic design, typesetting or printing. The office works closely with campus departments to assure accuracy and consistency of style in college publications. To discuss the production of any college publication or anything with the college logo on the document, call the Marketing & Communications office at ext 3287.
  • Requests for jobs requiring design, photography, writing or other special services should be scheduled with the Marketing & Communications Department.
  • Due to volume and size of publications of certain programs, a few of the college departments have their own graphic designer. Marketing & Communications will work with these designers to assure that the look is consistent with the college standards. All external publications must be approved by the Marketing & Communications Department before being sent out.
  • Once the design has been completed and approved, the department will be happy to assist with questions/bids and scheduling for off campus printing. The graphic artist should be listed as the contact person for technical questions for off campus printing.
  • For publications that are printed at the on-campus print shop, the graphic artist will notify you when the final document has been sent to the print shop. Each department should contact the on-campus print shop to place the order.
  • Depending on the amount of design work, some items take a few hours while others (like the catalog and schedule) take months. Please give us as much notice as possible but not less than two weeks unless it is an emergency request.

Please review the Marketing & Communications Policies before beginning any external publication project.