How can we help?

Check out the services we provide below to begin your project request. Please allow 10 business days for each project request. You may request more than one project; however, requesting additional materials once production has started may delay your completion time.

Once you have requested a project, you will be added into Click Up, our project manager. If you have not used Click Up yet, be on the lookout for an email invitation to join. 

I need a photographer or a photo.

Needing a photographer at an event? Looking to schedule a photo for the directory, or request photo that has already been taken? Use the drop down below to get started.

Please provide a minimum of five working days notice prior to your event in order to ensure a photographer is available.

Request a Photographer or Photo

I want to tell my story.

Do you have exciting news to tell the public? Would you like to promote your program to the general public? We want to write about your accomplishments, student success stories, faculty achievements and more. Submit your ideas using the drop down below.

This is not a guarantee of press coverage. However, press releases may be featured on our website and/or distributed to news outlets.

Request a Press Release

I have an event or program I need to promote.

Have an upcoming event? We can help promote events such as bake sales, a new course offering, club meetings and more. If you will need posters, flyers, TV slides or other promotional materials, use the drop down below.

Requesting promotional materials a month in advance will allow you to have the best outcome for your event. Two weeks of advertising time before your event date is highly recommended. Provide a minimum of seven to 10 working days for printed materials, depending on complexity of your request.

Request Event or Program Marketing Collateral

I need website help.

Requests for assistance editing a portion of the BC website and/or larger changes to your department page can be submitted via email to Cesar Jimenez, the Brazosport College Webmaster. You may also submit a request for an event to be placed on the "Featured Event" section of the homepage (subject to availability and approval by Marketing & Communications).

Project Types & Standard Turnaround Times

  • Assistance with content edits: 1-3 days
  • Revising/restructuring entire department sites: 1-3 months
  • New department sites: 1-3 months
  • Custom department sites: 2-3 months (subject to approval by Marketing & Communications)
  • Requests involving the homepage and/or global navigation are subject to review.

To submit a request, please email Cesar Jimenez directly at

I need to create a video.

Would you like to create a promotional video for your program or department? Use the drop down below to begin. *This is not the same as a request for instructional videos. In this instance, contact Distance Learning.

Expected duration of project will be provided once the scope of work is evaluated.

Request a Video Project

I need to order giveaway items or apparel.

Use the drop down below if you need to order giveaway items with the BC logo. We can help create the artwork and ensure correct use of the logo.

Project duration is dependent on quantity and type of materials requested. A timeline will be provided once the scope of work is evaluated.

Request Giveaway Items or Apparel