This page contains some class lecture notes for Statistics.
They do not substitute the class activity/notes/lecture/lab, but serve as an auxiliary resource.


The videos were produced with the support of the NEA's grant " The Calculate2Gether Project" - 2013/2014.

Find more tutorial videos here.


Topic/LessonLecture NotesGraph VideoExercises
Using Graphing CalculatorNotesVideosN/A
Introduction to StatisticsNotesN/AEx
Frequency DistributionNotesVideoEx
Statistical GraphsNotesVideos 1, 2Ex
Measures of CenterNotesVideos 1, 2Ex
Measures of VariationNotesVideos 1, 2Ex
Measures of Relative StandingNotesVideoEx
Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)NotesVideos 1, 2Ex
Probability: FundamentalsNotesN/AEx
Probabilities and Their RulesNotesN/AEx
Multiplication Rule(s)NotesN/AEx
Counting TechniquesNotesVideoEx
Random VariablesNotesVideoEx
Binomial DistributionsNotesVideoEx
Standard Normal Distribution (SND)NotesVideos 1, 2Ex
Applications of SNDNotesVideos 1, 2Ex
Estimating Population ProportionsNotesVideoEx
Estimating Population MeanNotesVideos 1, 2Ex
Estimating Population VarianceNotesVideoEx
Hypothesis Testing: BasicsNotesN/AEx
Testing a Claim about ProportionNotesVideoEx
Testing a Claim about MeanNotesVideos 1, 2Ex
Testing a Claim about VarianceNotesVideoEx


Review 1 for Test #1;

Review 2 for Test #2.