Videos for Graphing Calculator

This page contains video tutorials for using graphing utilities in classes like College Algebra, Statistics, PreCalculus or Calculus. Use them at any time.


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Topic/LessonColl. Alg.StatisticsPrecalcCalculus
Writing A Math Expressionxxxx
Evaluating a Math Expressionxxxx
Setting a Table Formatxxxx
Graphing a Functionxxx
Graphing an Equationxxx
Parametric Equationsxx
Polar Equationsxx
Intercepts of a Graphxxx
Solving an Equationxxx
Graphing Inequalitiesxx
System of Equationsxxx
Powers of "i"xx
Zero(s) of Polynomialsxxx
Transformations on Graphsx
Evaluating Logarithmsxxx
Distance and Midpointxx
Extrema for a Functionxx
Intersection of 2 Functionsxxx
Graphing a Conicxx
Construct Frequency Distributionx
Construct Histogramx
Construct Frequency Polygonx
Descriptive Stat for a Listx
Descriptive Stat for Freq. Distr.x
Measures of Variation for a Listx
Measures of Variation for Freq. Distr.x
Finding Percentiles/Quartilesx
Construct Boxplotsx
Construct Modified Boxplotsx
Factorials, Permutations, Combinationsx
Probability Distributionsx
Binomial Probability Distributionx
Find Area(s) knowing z-scores (SND)x
Find Critical Values knowing Area(s) (SND)x
Find Area(s) knowing z-scoresx
Find Critical Values knowing Area(s)x
Confidence Interval Estimates of Prop.x
Confidence Interval Estimates of Mean 1x
Confidence Interval Estimates of Mean 2x
Confidence Interval Estimates of St.Dev.x
Testing Claim About Proportionx
Testing Claim About Mean 1x
Testing Claim About Mean 2x
Testing Claim About St.Dev/Variancex