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New Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) Beginning March 31, 2022

Please read the instructions below carefully as the process for completing the PAA has changed AND new requirements to register for the TSIA2 exam have been added.

Beginning March 31, 2022, all students will be required to complete the new ACCUPLACER Pre-Assessment Activity. Students who have previously completed the Brazosport College version of the PAA will be required to complete the new ACCUPLACER PAA in order to register for a TSIA2 exam.

Pre-Assessment Activity for the Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0 (TSIA2)

The Pre-Assessment Activity is designed to help you prepare for the Texas Success Initiative or TSI Assessment 2.0 and score as high as possible on each test. Please follow these steps to complete the PAA: 

  1. Complete the required ACCUPLACER: Pre-Assessment Activity.   
  • You must create an account for the Practice App by clicking on "Don't have an account? Sign up." *PLEASE NOTE: Save your password because you may have to log-in to access a copy of your PAA Certificate of Completion.*
  • Select Texas Success Initiative 2.0 Pre-Assessment Activity (TSIA2-PAA)
    Choose Practice Test: TSIA2 PAA
  • Select Begin Pre-Assessment Activity
  • Select Brazosport College
  • Complete the PAA by answering the ELAR and Math questions.
  1. Once you have completed the Pre-Assessment Activity you will receive a PAA Certificate of Completion email.
  • You must upload the PAA "Certificate of Completion" when registering for a TSIA2 test at
  • Students who are Re-Testing: If you have completed the ACCUPLACER PAA, you may upload your original "Certificate of Completion" when registering for the TSIA2 Exam. You are not required to complete a new PAA when registering for a re-test. If you do not have your certificate, you can download a copy via your ACCUPLACER account under the History link in the top right corner.
    TSIA2 PAA Certificate: History

5. For additional study resources please review the TSIA2 Info and Study App to help you prepare for the TSIA2.

Please Note: Completion of the PAA is required, prior to taking the TSIA2. When you start the TSIA2 assessment, you must answer "YES" when asked if you've completed the Pre-Assessment Activity.

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