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Because of the importance of industrial safety in Houston-Galveston-Brazoria, there are numerous sites that require trained, capable safety and environmental coordinators.

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Construction Site Safety Technician (CSST)

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Construction Site Safety Supervisor Training (CSST) is offered through the completion of two courses:

OSHT 1405: OSHA Regulations - Construction Industry
OSHT 2309: Safety Program Management

The NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) certificate is designed to enhance the career path for safety professionals who have experience in the construction field.  NCCER created this industry recognized curriculum for industry safety professionals, company safety officers, current site safety coordinators or foremen seeking to improve safety knowledge and skills. The CSST is appropriate for an experienced journey-level craft professional seeking a path into the safety profession. (Taken from,    “Construction Site Safety Technician (CSST) pg. 8)

These two courses also serve as the starting point for a degree or certificate in Safety, Health, and Environmental Management.

Tuition and fees for these two courses (7 semester credit hours) are as follows:

In-District Cost: $633.50

Out of District Cost: $871.50

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