Brazosport College Associate Degree Nursing Program Curriculum Schedule

Prerequisites*Pre-requisitesClass HoursClinical HoursCredits (18)
BIOL 2301 & 2101Anatomy & Physiology I4804
BIOL 2302 & 2201Anatomy & Physiology II4804
HITT 1305Medical Terminology4803
ENGL 1301English I4803
BIOL 2320 & 2120Microbiology*4804
 Year One - Summer (JULY)Class HoursClinical HoursCredits (3)
RNSG 1215

Health Assessment (SSII-6 wk)

RNSG 1108

Dosage Calculation (SSII-6 wk)

 Year One - FallClass HoursClinical HoursCredits (11)
RNSG 1205Nursing Skills I8002
RNSG 1341Common Concepts Adult Health9603
RNSG 1301Pharmacology9603
RNSG 1260Clinical Nursing I01443
 Year One - SpringClass HoursClinical HoursCredits (8)
RNSG 1244Nursing Skills II8002
RNSG 1343Complex Concepts Adult Health9603
RNSG 1360Clinical Nursing II02403
 Year Two - SummerClass HoursClinical HoursCredits (5)
RNSG 2213

Mental Health Nursing (SSI-6 wk)

PSYC 2314Lifespan Growth & Development4803
 Year Two - FallClass HoursClinical HoursCredits (10)
RNSG 2208Maternal/Newborn Nursing & Women's Health (8wk)4802
RNSG 2201Care of Children & Families (8wk)4802
RNSG 2360Clinical Nursing III 02403
 Language, Philosophy, Culture or Creative Arts (Elective)
 Year Two - SpringClass HoursClinical HoursCredits (6)
RNSG 2221Professional Nursing: Leadership & Mgmt4802
RNSG 2460Clinical Nursing IV 02404
*Prerequisite to Microbiology is General Biology and A&P I