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Earn Honors Credit

Honors Credit can be earned through designated honors courses or through the completion of an honors contract.

Honors courses are listed in the catalog and vary between semesters. Honors Program best practices indicate that this is the most effective Honors Program experience for college students. 

Contracts offer a way to earn Honors Credit in courses not designated as an Honors section.  Contracts are available under the Honors Forms tab.

To arrange a contract, the student must contact the professor at the beginning of the semester to determine an independent research project over a topic related to the course. At the end of the semester the contract student completes the contract by presenting their research to other contract students, faculty, and the Honors Committee. This is an information sharing forum where research is presented and thoughtfully discussed.

To receive Honors credit the student must complete the course with a minimum of a B average. 

Check the admission link for honors program eligibility guidelines.


Honors applications may be submitted any time through out the year.

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