Memory obviously plays a major role in your success as a student. Most of us have experienced the frustration of not being able to recall something we feel like we should know. Let's have you experience some important points about memory. Below is a fairly simple six item memory test. Think of an answer for each one, and then click ANSWER at the end of each question to see what it shows you about memory and how you can use that information to work more effectively as a student.
1. What did you have for dinner last night? ANSWER
2. What did you have for dinner four nights ago? ANSWER
3. What did you have for dinner the night of your senior prom (or other very special occasion.)? ANSWER
4. Imagine that the time is twelve minutes past ten. Now visualize a clock that indicates this time. Get the details in your head: the style of the clock, its color, size, shape, and so on. Got it?. ANSWER
5. Finish this jingle: "Columbus crossed the ocean blue..." ANSWER
6. Here’s an essay question: How did Columbus come to discover America, and why is that important? (No, you don’t have write down an answer; just think it through for a couple of minutes.) ANSWER