The Brazosport College Department of Music offers many vocal and instrumental classes for students of various levels of skills and musical talent and for students with little or no experience in the art. We offer courses for music majors (Music Theory, Ear Training and Sight-Singing, various levels of Class Piano, Private Lessons and Instrumental and Choral Ensembles). We offer beginning instrumental courses such as Fundamentals of Music for Piano or Guitar for students with limited or no musical background who are interested in learning to play one of these or related instruments and to read music notation. For students who are interested in music history and enjoy music, we offer a core course with three options, Music Appreciation, Music Appreciation (Jazz) and Music Appreciation (Rock). All our courses inspire students to understand and learn more about the value of music in today's society.

For aspiring professional musicians who plan to continue studying at a university, we encourage you to enter our two-year music program. You can take freshman and sophomore level music courses that will transfer to a four-year college or university. Our music students have successfully transferred to major universities across Texas. They also teach and perform throughout the United States. 

Both music majors and non-music majors experience live performance by participating in music ensembles, private instruction, and a variety of public performances. We also offer workshops, clinics and special events.


Scholarships are available to full-time students who participate in the various performing groups.  Being a music major is not required.

Performance Opportunities

Every musician should perform, so we offer a range of ensembles, choirs, and bands. We are proud to say that our performing groups have earned consistent statewide and national recognition. These groups have an active performance schedule at the Clarion Performance Hall and a variety of other venues.

  • College and Community Band
  • College Singers/Civic Chorus
  • Chamber Choir
  • Jazz Band
  • Jazz Singers
  • Jazz Combo

The Clarion

One of the exciting aspects about studying music at Brazosport College is the Clarion. The Clarion is a magnificent 600-seat performance hall designed to meet the highest acoustical standards for today’s live music performances. You’ll also have access to first-class rehearsal halls for vocal and instrumental music, individual practice rooms and classrooms.

There are many great opportunities for students at the Clarion. You’ll experience special performances, workshops, and clinics with world-class performing artists; jazz extravaganzas; choir competitions; touring trips and so much more.

World-class performing artists

The Clarion opens the door to world renowned musical artists who are scheduled to perform throughout the year. As you spend time in the presence of great musicians, you will find yourself challenged to take your music to a higher level. 

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Contact Us

Richard Birk
Associate Professor
Coordinator of Music, Instrumental Activities
Phone: (979) 230-3272
Office: M-108
The Clarion
500 College Drive, Box 8
Lake Jackson, TX 77566

Brandon Hall
Instructor, Choral Activities
Phone: (979) 230-3316
Office: M.109
The Clarion
500 College Drive, Box 8
Lake Jackson, TX 77566

Kate Funkhouser
Division Chair
Office: B.224
Phone (979) 230-3327

Ann Montgomery
Office Professional 
Office: B.223
Phone (979) 230-3224


Nathan Abbott  

John Calderon

Vorin Dornan

Errin Hatter

Johnny Gonzales

Randy Marble            

7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Monday through Thursday
(979) 230-3224