Bachelor of Applied Technology

The BAT program offers two majors:

Health Services Management

Industrial Management (5 specialties)
  • Process Operations Management Specialty 

  • Business Management Specialty 

  • Safety, Health and Environmental Management Specialty 

  • General Technology Management Specialty

  • Other AAS Specialty

The Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) program is designed to broaden your career opportunities and better your chances for promotion to supervisory positions. The program is designed to provide a career-ladder if you have already completed an associate degree and want to continue your education at the bachelor's level. The baccalaureate degree program is also an especially desirable goal if you are a beginning student interested in designing a program of study as early as the freshman year.

The upper-division classes in the BAT program will expand your perspective of business operations. The coursework requires an understanding of different facets of enterprise operation including accounting, legal issues, technology and human resources. The final two semesters require you to synthesize and apply what you have learned to risk management and organizational issues in particular industries.

If you’re a working student, you will appreciate that the upper level courses are all offered online. Full-time faculty with numerous years of practical experience and advanced degrees teach upper level courses.

Coursework incorporates practical real-world learning activities designed to ensure that you acquire the latest technical competencies and managerial applied content. You will receive the full range of articulation and transfer rights guaranteed by Texas law through common course numbering and the statewide articulation agreement.

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Division Chair
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B.A.T. Admissions Specialist
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Associate Professor
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Associate Professor
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Dr. Harold Griffin
Assistant Professor
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Dr. Rodney Cooper-Sweat
Assistant Professor
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