About the Program

The Bachelor of Applied Technology - Health Services Management (HSM) program prepares graduates for entry to mid-level management positions in a health care or medical facility. The Bachelor of Applied Technology in Health Services Management Degree builds on current associate degree programs, preparing graduates for high growth job opportunities with increased earning potential. Focus areas within the degree include risk management and quality health care, forensic science, public health, nursing supervision and management, pediatric health care administration, electronic medical records (information systems) management, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) administration, medical office management, occupational health care management, nuclear medicine services management, and clinical laboratory supervision and management. For more information, contact the Division Chair of Baccalaureate Programs at (979) 230-3277 or the AOS at (979) 230-3477.

Requirements for Admission 

  • College level skills in reading, writing, and mathematics as evidenced by approved placement testing or previous college-level coursework.
  • Attained junior status, defined as having earned at least 30 college level semester credit hours and TSI Complete (Texas Success Initiative). 
  • Completed Brazosport College Application for Admission/Readmission, transcripts, forms, and satisfaction of the general institutional admission requirements.
  • Completed Brazosport College Supplemental Application for Admission to the Bachelor of Applied Technology program and approval by the Bachelor of Applied Technology Admission Committee.

New 8-week format

The BAT-HSM will be converting all of the “MHSM” courses to an 8-week term format as opposed to the traditional 16-week semester schedule beginning this Spring. When you go to sign up for your health services management courses, you’ll notice that you have course options for Spring I and Spring II.  Below is a table that contains a side-by-side comparison of the semester and term formats. If you have any questions on the changes, contact Dr. Grace Itiowe, Program Coordinator, BAT-HSM program, at grace.itiowe@brazosport.edu.

Semester Format

Term Format

·  16 weeks long

·    8 weeks long

·  Traditional

·    Accelerated

·  Take more courses per semester, which requires you to focus on multiple topics at a time.

·    Take fewer courses per term, which allows you to focus on fewer topics at any given point in time.

·  If you have to stop out due to a reason outside your immediate control, you may need to wait up to 4 months to resume your studies.

·    If you have to stop out due to a reason outside your immediate control, you would only need to wait a maximum of 8 weeks to resume your studies.

·  More likely that life or work issues can derail your academic progress, since you’re taking courses over a 4 month period of time. 

·    Less likely that life or work issues will derail your academic progress, since you are only in class for 8 weeks per term.

·  Financial Aid and Pell Grants (if eligible) will cover these undergraduate courses.

·    Financial Aid and Pell Grants (if eligible) will cover these undergraduate courses.

·  Courses offered entirely online.

·    Courses offered entirely online.

·  Students tend to lose interest/focus in the courses due to the length of the semesters.

·    Students tend to remain engaged in accelerated courses, due to the condensed length of the terms.

·  Only permits students to begin the program 3 times per academic year (Fall, Spring, and Summer).

·    There are two terms per 16-week semester, so students finish their first course or courses, and then move on to the next course or courses in the subsequent 8-week term.


·    Being accelerated, student are expected to do twice the work in half the time, but take fewer courses per term.


·    Allows students to begin the program 5 times per academic year (Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, and Summer).

Do I take my final exams, in the current term, before I start the new term? Answer: Yes. You will be expected to complete you current courses, including the final exams, before actually beginning the next round of course.

Do I need to wait until I complete one term before registering for upcoming terms? Answer: No. You can and should register for upcoming terms before completing the current term. 

Since there are two 8-week terms in a semester, do I need to enroll in both terms at the same time or one at a time? Answer: You are encouraged to enroll in both terms at the same time; however, there may be instances in which you are only able to register for one term and not both.

Does this change the number of courses I should take? Answer: In most cases, you will register for the same number of courses you would ordinarily take in a traditional semester; however, you would only take half the load each term.

When will my courses be put on the transcript once completed? Answer: The course or courses you take and the earned grades will be recorded on your transcript following completion of the term in which the course or courses were completed.

How do I contact the Cashiers Office? Answer: You may contact the Cashiers Office by phone at (979)230-3408. The Cashiers, Bursar, and Assistant Bursar are also available in person on the Brazosport College campus at 500 College Drive. They are located in the C Wing of the BC – Central Building.  Please keep in mind that due to privacy laws, limited information will be given to individuals other than the student.

Can I pay with a credit card? Answer: Yes, Brazosport College accepts all four major credit cards at the Cashiers Office or online through My BC.

When will I get a bill? Answer: Paper bills are not mailed by the Brazosport College Business Office. To access your statement, you will need to login to My BC, click on the MyBC tab and click on ACCOUNT INFO.  You may also pick up a copy of your bill at the Cashiers Office.

What are the payment deadlines? Answer: Please consult the Payment Due Dates page for further information about payment deadlines. Payment deadlines are the end of business day prior to the start date of the course, including flex-entry and non-standard length courses.  Payment must be made by the payment deadline or your registration schedule may be canceled.

What courses are included on each bill? Answer:

Fall – August through December start dates

Spring – January through May start dates

Summer I – June start dates

Summer II – July start dates

Does Brazosport College have a payment plan? Answer: Yes, Brazosport College offers an installment plan through Nelnet Business Solutions.

How will my payment plan adjusted due to adds/drops/withdrawals/financial aid adjustments?

Answer: Students with payment plans who add, drop or cancel their classes will have their contract automatically adjusted before the next payment is processed.  This includes all courses included on that bill.

Withdrawals after the refund period do not cancel the balance owed on the payment plan.

Financial aid adjustments will be automatically adjusted before the next payment is processed.

All adjustments can be reviewed through My BC by accessing your statement and clicking through to the Nelnet portal.

Why am I paying Out-of-District tuition? Answer: You must be a resident of the local BISD/BC tax base in order to qualify for the In-District tuition rate.

How will my financial aid be disbursed?  Answer:  Only the financial aid applicable to the first 8 week courses will be disbursed after the official reporting day of the first 8 week courses.  Any additional financial aid will be disbursed after the official reporting day of the second 8 week courses.

Contact Us

Monday - Thursday
7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Faculty Office Hours vary and are posted outside their office.

Dr. Shayan Mirabi
Division Chair
(979) 230-3277

Jamie Romero
Division AOS
(979) 230-3477

Dr. Grace Itiowe
HSM Program Chair
(979) 230-3165

Dr. Harold Griffin
HSM Faculty 
(979) 230-3358