Major in Industrial Management

The mission for the Bachelor of Applied Technology program at Brazosport College is to educate, train, and develop successful business leaders and managers who are prepared to utilize technology and leadership skills to the competitive advantage of their enterprise. This program builds upon a general education core, technology, and other courses completed in the freshman and sophomore years. The program is designed to add management skills to the technical skills of the trained technician so that he or she may move into supervisory positions. The breadth of the coursework enables students to lead and manage by utilizing a wide variety of business, finance, technology, and people management skills.

For more information, contact the Division Chair of Baccalaureate Programs at 979-230-3615 or the AOS at 979-230-3369.

Requirements for Admission to the Bachelor of Applied Technology Degree Program 

  • College level skills in reading, writing, and mathematics as evidenced by approved placement testing or previous college-level coursework (TSI complete).
  • Attained junior status, defined as having earned at least 60 college level semester credit hours.
  • Completed Brazosport College Application for Admission/Readmission, transcripts, forms, and satisfaction of the general institutional admission requirements.
  • Completed Brazosport College Supplemental Application for Admission to the Bachelor of Applied Technology program and approval by the Bachelor of Applied Technology Admissions Committee. Forms can be accessed on the College website under the "Students" tab, select Registrars Office, then go to the Registration Heading, select "Forms" under Admissions and Records. If you use the online Supplemental Application, once completed and signed, you will need to send the Application and attachments to Dr. Gregg Greer, Brazosport College, 500 College Drive, Room J.208, Lake Jackson, Texas 77566 or attach the documents to an email and send it to him at You can also receive the forms by contacting or going by BAT office.

Note 1: Admission to the Bachelor of Applied Technology program is competitive, based on such factors as GPA, completion of lower division coursework, and work history, It should be noted that not all students who meet the minimum requirements stated above may be admitted into this program. Applications are to be reviewed by the Bachelor of Applied Technology Admissions Committee and recommended to the Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs for admission to the program.

Note 2: As space permits and with the permission of the program coordinator, qualified students who do not meet the admission requirements noted above, may take up to six upper division courses. Qualified students are those who have attained junior status, have completed any necessary course prerequisites, at the college level in reading, writing, and mathematics (TSI complete), and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. Junior status is achieved by having earned at least 60 college-level semester credit hours.

Note 3: Students admitted to the program who are at junior standing, but have more than 18 semester credit hours of lower division coursework (as noted in the required curriculum for the declared specialty) must enroll in lower division coursework in their first semester.

Note 4: Students wishing to apply previously earned credit to this degree must submit requests for substitutions within the first three semesters of being enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Technology program.

Completion Requirements for the Bachelor of Applied Technology with a Major in Industrial Management Degree 

  • Satisfactory completion of a minimum 120 semester credit hours of transferable baccalaureate level education credits, of which at least 45 must be completed at Brazosport College.
  • Completion of the General Education Core Curriculum  (42 credit hours).
  • Completion of at least 43 credit hours in 3000 level courses or above, of which at least 30 must be completed at Brazosport College. Note: 52 credit hours in 3000 level courses or above are required for the General Technology Specialty.
  • Completion of all program of study requirements with a minimum 2.0 grade point (based on a 4.0 scale) on all upper-division courses.

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