Community Education at Brazosport College

Welcome to Brazosport College Community Education!

We offer quality programs that provide you with entry level career training, personal enrichment, and the opportunity to enhance your business and industry skills.  We have a variety of career programs in areas such as Healthcare, Education, Real Estate, other Computer Technologies, and more.  In addition to career training, we offer English as a Second Language (ESL), High School Equivalency (HSE formerly GED®), and personal enrichment classes such as Country & Western Dance, cake and cookie decorating, painting, ceramics, photography, music, and much more. Wherever you want to go in life, we can help you get there!

Community Education registration is ongoing all year. Three schedules are published each year:

  • Spring, January 1 – May 30 (early registration begins December 1)
  • Summer, June 1 – August 31 (early registration begins May 1)
  • Fall, September 1 – December 31 (early registration begins August 1)
We hope to see you soon in the Community Education Department, and welcome any questions you may have. Give us a call at 979.230.3600 and we'll be glad to assist you.

Staff Directory

Administrative Staff:

Lois Alexander
Administrative Office Specialist
Office: B100-C
Phone: 979-230-3525

Lisa Carreon
Part-time Administrative Office Specialist
Office: B-118A
Phone: 979-230-3430
Gabriela Elizondo
Administrative Office Specialist
Office: HS-100U
Phone: 979-230-3372
Program Coordinators:
Jodi Kubecka, Community Education Coordinator
Office: B103
Phone: 979-230-3644

Lisa Baker, Allied Health Programs
Office: HS-100V
Phone: 979-230-3636

Shelley McCoy, Youth Programs
Office: B100-A
Phone: 979-230-3211

Doris Sanchez, ESL Programs
Office: B107
Phone: 979-230-3687

Jennifer Roberts, Pathways Coordinator
Office: B109
Phone: 979-230-3570 

Cindy Taylor, Lifestyle & Career Programs
Office: B102
Phone: 979-230-3405

Krystal Watson, High School Equivalency Programs
(HSE) Formerly GED
Office: B104
Phone: 979-230-3688 

Grant Project Manager:

Gracie Pequeño
Office: B121
Phone: 979-230-3635


Deborah Ewing
Office: B101
Phone: 979-230-3632


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