ESL/Citizenship Placement Testing

This is a required session that all ESL/Citizenship students must attend prior to the start of regular classes. Enrollment paperwork and pre-testing will be completed during this session. Students only need to attend one (1) session. These are grant funded classes and offered at no charge. You must register in person with a government issued photo id.

Location: BC Central/Face-to-Face

Reg #HoursDateDayTime
4410 CGOV9000 (51222T)3 hrs.11/29T9am-12pm
4411 CGOV9000 (52222T)3 hrs.11/29T6-9pm
4412 CGOV9000 (53222T)3 hrs.12/1R9am-12pm
4413 CGOV9000 (54222T)3 hrs.12/1R6-9pm
4414 CGOV9000 (55222T)3 hrs.12/6T9am-12pm
4415 CGOV9000 (56222T)3 hrs.12/6T6-9pm
4416 CGOV9000 (57222T)3 hrs.12/8R9am-12pm
4417 CGOV9000 (58222T)3 hrs.12/8R6-9pm
4418 CGOV9000 (59222T)3 hrs.12/13T9am-12pm
4419 CGOV9000 (60222T)3 hrs.12/13T6-9pm
4420 CGOV9000 (61222T)3 hrs.12/15R9am-12pm
4421 CGOV9000 (62222T)3 hrs.12/15R6-9pm
4422 CGOV9000 (63222T)3 hrs.1/3T9am-12pm
4423 CGOV9000 (64222T)3 hrs.1/3T6-9pm
4424 CGOV9000 (65222T)3 hrs.1/5R9am-12pm
4425 CGOV9000 (66222T)3 hrs.1/5R6-9pm
6404 CGOV9000 (79223T)3 hrs.3/21T9am-12pm
6405 CGOV9000 (80223T)3 hrs.3/21T6-9pm
6406 CGOV9000 (81223T)3 hrs.3/23R9am-12pm
6407 CGOV9000 (82223T)3 hrs.3/23R6-9pm
6408 CGOV9000 (83223T)3 hrs.3/28T9am-12pm
6409 CGOV9000 (84223T)3 hrs.3/28T6-9pm
6410 CGOV9000 (85223T)3 hrs.3/30R9am-12pm
6411 CGOV9000 (86223T)3 hrs.3/30R6-9pm

Location: Alvin Community College/Face-to-Face

Reg #HoursDateDayTime
4430 CGOV9000 (71222T)3 hrs.1/24T9am-12pm
4431 CGOV9000 (72222T)3 hrs.1/24T6-9pm
4432 CGOV9000 (73222T)3 hrs.1/26R9am-12pm
4433 CGOV9000 (74222T)3 hrs.1/26R6-9pm
4434 CGOV9000 (75222T)3 hrs.1/31T9am-12pm
4435 CGOV9000 (76222T)3 hrs.1/31T6-9pm
4436 CGOV9000 (77222T)3 hrs.2/2R9am-12pm
4437 CGOV9000 (78222T)3 hrs.2/2R6-9pm