High School Equivalency (HSE) Placement Testing

These are grant classes and offered at no charge. You must register in person with a government issued photo id.

Location: BC Central/Face-to-Face

Reg #HoursDatesDaysTime
4455 CGED1000 (23222T)3 hrs.11/30-12/1W/R9am-12pm
4456 CGED1000 (24222T)3 hrs.11/30-12/1W/R6-9pm
4457 CGED1000 (25222T)3 hrs.12/7-12/8W/R9am-12pm
4458 CGED1000 (26222T)3 hrs.12/7-12/8W/R6-9pm
4459 CGED1000 (27222T)3 hrs.12/14-12/15W/R9am-12pm
4460 CGED1000 (28222T)3 hrs.12/14-12/15W/R6-9pm
4461 CGED1000 (29222T)3 hrs.1/4-1/5W/R9am-12pm
4462 CGED1000 (30222T)3 hrs.1/4-1/5W/R6-9pm
6414 CGED1000 (37223T)3 hrs.3/22-3/23W/R9am-12pm
6415 CGED1000 (38223T)3 hrs.3/22-3/23W/R6-9pm
6416 CGED1000 (39223T)3 hrs.3/29-3/30W/R9am-12pm
6417 CGED1000 (40223T)3 hrs.3/29-3/30W/R6-9pm

Location: Alvin Community College/Face-to-Face

Reg #HoursDatesDaysTime
4465 CGED1000 (33222T)3 hrs.1/25-1/26W/R9am-12pm
4466 CGED1000 (34222T)3 hrs.1/25-1/26W/R6-9pm
4467 CGED1000 (35222T)3 hrs.2/1-2/2W/R9am-12pm
4468 CGED1000 (36222T)3 hrs.2/1-2/2W/R6-9pm