Certified Nurse Aide to Patient Care Assistant/Technician

NEW! Allied Health Track: Certified Nurse Aide to Patient Care Assistant/Technician

This program provides an opportunity for Certified Nurse Aides to earn a stacked credential. CNA license must be current, in good standing, and license holder must have at least 1 year of working CNA experience during the last 3 years (before start date of the program). Under the supervision of medical and nursing staff, Patient Care Assistants/Technicians (PCA/PCT) provide basic care in hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centers, wound care centers, home care agencies and long term care facilities. They assist patients with activities of daily living, check vital signs, perform EKGs, collection and testing of specimens and phlebotomy.

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Total Cost: $1,639 + textbooks
Program Dates: 9/7/2022-4/20/2023
Location: Sadler/Face-to-Face
Instructor:Shirley Little, TBA

Reg #HoursDateDaysTimeNotes
2579 NUPC1020 (01221T)48 hrs.9/7-10/31M/W6-9pm
2580 PLAB1023A (01221T)48 hrs.11/2-1/30M/W9am-12pm (Class will not meet 11/21-11/25, 12/19-1/9, or 1/16)
4404 ECRD1011 (01222T)18 hrs.2/1-2/20M/W6-9pm
6401 NUPC1060 (01223T)48 hrs.2/27-4/20TBATBA (Class will not meet 3/13-3/17 or 4/7)