Phlebotomy Refresher Course

For medical professionals that would like to be re-trained or re-fresh their phlebotomy skills, this is the course for you! The course provides training on current phlebotomy skills and standards that will help individuals gain confidence in practicing phlebotomy to either prepare for re-entering the work force or to simply enhance the individual’s skill level. This class will meet the needs for nurses, medical assistants, new and currently practicing phlebotomists. Proof of successful completion of a Phlebotomy or Medical Assistant training program, or professional license or certification is required as prerequisite before students can enroll. Course includes sitting for the Phlebotomy national certification exam through the National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT).

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Total Cost: $999
Program Dates: 10/4-12/1
Location: Sadler/Face-to-Face
Instructor: Timothy Abbott

Reg #HoursDateDaysTimeNotes
2576 PLAB2000R (01221T)24 hrs.10/4-12/1T/R6-9pm(Class will not meet 10/24-11/28)
2598 PLAB1060R (01221T)48 hrs.10/24-11/18TBATBA