Computer Training Courses

Introduction To Computer Systems

This basic computer course is an introduction to operating systems, file creation and deletion, data entry and manipulation, automatic file execution, configuration, and directory commands.  You will learn to create, copy, and delete files using the operating system, enter and edit data, navigate files and folders, and execute programs.

Location: BC Central On-Campus
Instructor: Juanita Cantu

2524 ITSC1006 (01201T)      7 hrs.
9/8-9-10        T/R                    6-9:30pm

Essentials of Excel

Microsoft Excel is a program used to present data in a spreadsheet or a table of rows and columns.  Data can then be sorted, organized, and manipulated mathematically using various operations and formulas.  This introductory course will teach you basic data editing, performing calculations with formulas, managing workbooks, creating charts, and many other marketable skills using the automated tools found within Excel.

Location: BC Central On-Campus
Instructor: Juanita Cantu

2522 ITSW1022B (01201T)     12 hrs.
10/20-10/29           T/R                    6-9pm

Excel in Excel

Continue to develop marketable skills in Microsoft Excel 2016 by going well beyond the basics of a simple worksheet.  Learn to manage large worksheets and workbooks, use tools to help you find solutions to financial questions, and other data analysis.  Improve efficiency by learning how to use templates and graphics.  You will be introduced to the advance database functions, pivot tables, and macros.

Location: BC Central On-Campus
Instructor: Juanita Cantu

2521 ITSW1046A (01201T)     12 hrs.
11/10-11/19           T/R                    6-9pm

Essentials of Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing application used to create letters, reports, and other documents.  This basic course will teach you foundational skills such as using toolbars and task panes, document navigation, document styles, editing and formatting text.  You will also learn about paragraphs, printing, inserting special fields and tables, productivity tools, and other skills essential to proficiency in Microsoft Word.

Location: BC Central On-Campus
Instructor: Juanita Cantu

2523 POFI1024A (01201T)      12 hrs.
9/22-10/1        T/R                    6-9pm

Microsoft Office Specialist

Prepare for your Certified Microsoft Office Specialist Exam!  Our expert instructor will guide you through the necessary information to prepare you to earn your MOS certification.  This course includes Microsoft Word 2013 (document formatting, editing skills, and various ways to customize a Word document), Microsoft Excel 2013 (developing spreadsheets, worksheet formatting, formulas and functions, and creating reporting documents), and PowerPoint 2013 (design mutimedia slides, incorporate images, sounds, video, texts, and charts, and interactive presentations).  After completing the course, we encourage students to sit for the respective Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) examination to enhance employability.

Location: BC Central On-Campus
Instructor: Marion Dornan

2520 ITSC2021 (01201T)         24 hrs.
10/19-12/16        M/W                 6-9pm

Quickbooks Pro

Organize your finances by learning the #1 best-selling small business accounting software, Quickbooks Pro.  Learn basic accounting principles before diving into the software to create invoices, track sales, stay on top of your expenses, gain insights into your business, and increase productivity as well as your bottom line.  The class is structured in a way that will simplify the learning process and lead you confidently through the software. The book is included in the course price.

Location: BC Central On-Campus
Instructor: Marion Dornan

2525 ITSC2032A (01201T)         18 hrs.
9/28-10/14        M/W                 6-9pm

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