Summer Jazz Band

This course is designed to provide experience for the instrumental students in the American Jazz idiom. Jazz literature in a number of different styles will be rehearsed and performed for various college and community functions.

Currently unavailable.

For more information contact 979.230.3600.

Private Music Lessons

Engage in private music lessons in the following:  voice, guitar, brass, percussion/drums, woodwinds and piano. Contact Richard Birk at 979-230-3272 for more information and to schedule lessons. 

Location: The Clarion
Instructor: TBA

Number of LessonsReg #HoursDatesTimeCost
(4 - 30 minute lessons)4502 CMUS9014 (02222T)2 hrs.1/3-5/15TBA$95
(6 - 30 minute sessions)4503 CMUS9015 (02222T)3 hrs.1/3-5/15TBA$140
(14 - 30 minute sessions)4504 CMUS9008 (02222T)7 hrs.1/3-5/15TBA$325
(14 - 1 hour sessions)4510 CMUS9010 (02222T)14 hrs.1/3-5/15TBA$649

Community Band

Rehearse and perform with the college band.  Instrumental literature for woodwinds and percussion will be chosen and performed.  Come enjoy the program while enhancing your own personal growth. 

Location: The Clarion
Instructor: Richard Birk

Reg #HoursDatesDaysTimeCost
4499 CMUS9002 (02222T)32 hrs.1/23-5/1M7-9:15pm$80

Commercial Music Software

This course is an introduction to basic music recording software (Mixcraft/Garage Band) and music notation software.

Location: The Clarion/Face-to-Face
Instructor: Randy Marble

Reg #HoursDatesDaysTimeCost
4500 CMUS9019 (01222T)21 hrs.1/17-5/9T6-7:30pm$50

For more information contact 979.230.3600.

Civic Chorus

This is a cooperative venture between the community and the College to perform a variety of choral literature.  Enrollment is open to any member of the community who can match pitch and has a desire to participate.  Contact Benjamin May 979-230-3316 for more information. 

Location: The Clarion
Instructor: Benjamin May

Reg #HoursDatesDaysTimeCostNotes
4501 CMUS9000 (02222T)21 hrs.1/19-5/6R7-9pm$50(Class will not meet 3/16)

Live Sound Workshop

Receive practical and hands-on instruction in the operation of analog and digital sound reinforcement equipment. Learn the function, operation and components of a sound system.  This course is designed for the beginning and intermediate level sound operator.

Currently unavailable.

For more information contact 979.230.3600.

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