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Scrumptious Meals Prepared by You

Learn your way around the kitchen, as well as how to follow recipes. You will prepare delicious meals centered around main dishes such as Chicken Alfredo and Asian Stir Fry with your choice of either pork or beef as the main dish for your final meal.

Location: BC Central/Face-to-Face
Instructor: Ross McCoy

8483 CTWN9064 (01214T)            12 hrs.
6/13-6/16            MTWR                  9am-12pm)

Intro to CAD

Become familiar with the various digital tools used to design real-life models, and create your own unique designs.

Location: BC Central/Face-to-Face
Instructor: Sebastian Granados

8484 CTWN9070 (01214T)            12 hrs.
6/13-6/16            MTWR                  1:30-4:30pm

Grill & Chill

Get familiar with a grill and learn the ins and outs of rubs and marinades as you prepare meats and veggies to throw on the fire.

Location: BC Central/Face-to-Face
Instructor: Ross McCoy

8485 CTWN9069 (01214T)            12 hrs.
6/20-6/23            MTWR                  9am-12pm

Intro to Drones

Discover what a drone is, what  it can do and what you need to know as you prepare to fly one.

Location: BC Central/Face-to-Face
Instructor: Josh Martinez

8486 CTWN9071 (01214T)            12 hrs.
6/20-6/23            MTWR                  1:30-4:30pm

Yummy Desserts

Learn to create different yummy sweet treats that are guaranteed to amaze your family and friends!

Location: BC Central/Face-to-Face
Instructor: Ross McCoy

8487 CTWN9065 (01214T)            12 hrs.
6/27-6/30            MTWR                  9am-12pm

Intro to Engineering

Engineers design and build almost everything around us, and curious minds want to know exactly how and why things work. Participate in challenging hands-on activities that let you become the engineer.

Location: BC Central/Face-to-Face
Instructor: Weyland Clemons

8488 CTWN9050 (01214T)            12 hrs.
6/27-6/30            MTWR                  1:30-4:30pm

Beginning Cookie Decorating for Teens

Cookie decorating is not just for girls! Learn to decorate cookies that are sure to impress family and friends and take home some of your masterpieces.

Location: BC Central/Face-to-Face
Instructor: Chris Ballew

8489 CTWN9068 (01214T)            3 hrs.
6/28                       T                              6 - 9 pm

8490 CTWN9068 (02214T)            3 hrs.
7/5                         T                              6 - 9 pm

Amazing Appetizers

Prepare appetizers to get the party started and try your hand at creating your own custom charcuterie board.

Location: BC Central/Face-to-Face
Instructor: Ross McCoy

8491 CTWN9066 (01214T)            9 hrs.
7/6-7/8                 W/R/F                   9am-12pm

Teen Musical Theater Intensive

Do you dream of shining on stage in a big musical theatre production? You will hone your skills with a Broadway-level faculty who work in the industry and have students on Broadway, off-Broadway, on cruise ships, in regional theatre and summer stock.

Location: Seidule Theatre, BC Campus/Face-to-Face
Instructor: Michael McIntosh

8492 CTWN9072 (01214T)            12 hrs.
7/15-7/23            F/Sat                     1-4pm


For more information, please call 979-230-3600 or visit us on the Brazosport College campus.

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