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Articles & Video's

Why Open-book Tests Deserve a Place in Your Course - Instead of wasting time to deter cheating, open-book tests shift the onus of responsibility onto the students.

Assessment Techniques: The Importance of Defining Learning Objectives - Brought to you by STARLINK, this short video describes the importance of course objectives which defines what learning is expected to occur, what students will be expected to do, how performance will be measured, and what will be accepted as evidence.

Bloom's Taxonomy according to Andy Griffith - YouTube Video (13 min) -just for a laugh.

Five Tips for Dealing with Combative Students in the Online Environment - Whether one teaches at the university, secondary, or elementary levels, all teachers encounter combative students. This article provides several methods that are effective when dealing with challenging students either face-to-face or online.

Promoting Academic Integrity in the Online Classroom - This short article recommends some academic integrity strategies you can use in the online classroom.

Raising, Communicating, and Enforcing Expectations in an Online Course - Great advice article in how to enforce students to know important dates, read feedback and interact with each other.

Learning with Students vs. Doing for Students - Every now and again I come across a quote that follows me around for the rest of the day, if not several days. That happened this week and here’s the quote, “I see myself as a learner first, thus I create my classes with learners, not for them ….”

Learner-Centered Teaching: Good Places to Begin - It's probably the question I'm most asked in workshops on learner-centered teaching. "What are some good places to start? My students aren't used to learner-centered approaches." Sometimes the questioner is honest enough to add, "and I haven't used many previously."

Tips for Helping Students Discuss Technical Content- "What did you think about the reading?" can serve as an acceptable discussion prompt if your class is reading a novel, but a question like that doesn't generate much response when the assigned chapter is in an engineering mechanics book or a principles of accounting text. For those who teach "technical content"—and by that I mean material with "right" answers and preferred ways of doing things, like problems with specific solutions or checklists of procedures—it can be doubly difficult to get students talking.

So You've Been Asked to Teach Online - My online students consistently outperform my face-to-face students. Attending a workshop on online teaching many years ago, I heard the moderator ask the audience, “How many of you can honestly say that your online students consistently outperform your face-to-face students?” I was astounded at the hands that shot up. I had questions as to whether my online students were even learning enough to pass. What was I doing wrong? Given that question today, my hand would be among those waving in the air.

10 Do's and Don'ts to using PowerPoint to deliver lectures that don't suck - Picture a half-full classroom with nearly-comatose students descending into the slow death that takes place while listening to a lecture that is as interesting as the buzzing of a mosquito that one cannot find in order to squash. It’s no secret that some teachers, even doctorates who work as college professors, suck when it comes to lecturing. Don’t let that be you!

Three ways to Change up Your Online Discussion Board Prompts - Are you having trouble getting students to participate in online Discussions? Consider using other types of prompts in addition to the typical open-ended question. Read more about this in the most recent addition to Faculty Focus by Maria Ammar, assistant English professor at Frederick Community College.

Read all About it: McGraw-Hill Education Enters Higher Education Gaming Market with Launch of McGraw-Hill Practice Line of Simulations at SXSWedu!

Responding to Tough Student Emails - Michael Braun, a Communications instructor at the University of Wisconsin posses and then responds to the question: how do faculty respond to challenging student emails?
Help us create a Faculty Email Etiquette checklist for our campus by emailing me ways in which you have responded to difficult student emails. 
Tips for Online Instructors: A  Faculty Focus article on tips for managing files, feedback and workload.

Additional Resources

Managing an Online Course (general overview) - YouTube: The online classroom draws upon a wide range of skills for the instructor, managing the class can be challenging. Curt Bonk of Indiana University sets the context for the instructor and online classroom management in this short 10 minute video.

David Kapuler's Bucket List of Online Education Resources and his: Top_100_Sites.docxTop 100 Sites & Apps of 2012

Larry Ferlazzo's Blog: The Best Resources for Helping Teachers Use Bloom's Taxonomy in the Classroom.


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