DIstance Learning and Online Education Header image E-Learning Certification assists faculty in the transition of teaching in a face-to-face environment to one which is online. Although building and teaching a course online involves the same principles, concepts and mechanics as any course, it is the way in which one approaches the process that differs. 

The program introduces faculty to not only online pedagogy, methodology, and quality standards, but also the technological mechanics behind managing and developing an online course.

Online Course Type Terminology

As defined at Brazosport college:

Fully online courses are those which have no face to face contact. In most cases, full or total online courses have no in-class time, everything from viewing lectures, participating in discussions, submitting assignments and quizzes usually done online. There are some courses though, which may require a face-to-face orientation, exam review, or in-person test.

Hybrid courses are those which have some face to face contact. Typically these courses offer a lab component and request attendance for lectures and other activities on campus. Everything else, participating in discussions, submitting assignments, and quizzes are typically done online.

Supplemental courses are those which have 100% face to face contact. Typically only course resources are available online, everything else takes place in the classroom.

Starting the Program

The entire certification program must be completed PRIOR to teaching any hybrid or full online course. So we highly recommend to beginning the program the semester before you plan on teaching online.

The certification program consists of the following steps:

  • Signing the Agreement form
  • Enrolling in the E-Learning Certification Program
  • Completing both:
    • E-Learning Certification Online Course
    • Hands-on Technical Trainings

Signing the Agreement Form

Once the decision is made to teach a hybrid or fully online course for an FUTURE semester you will need to complete and sign the E-Learning Certification Agreement Form. The form is an agreement between yourself, department chair and the Distance Learning department to complete the E-Learning Certification process as well as design, develop and teach a hybrid or full online course.

Enrolling in the E-Learning Program

Once you have downloaded the Agreement form and had it signed by yourself and your department chair you will need to contact the Distance Learning and Online Instruction Department to enroll in the program. Once done, additional information about access to the online course and making an appointment for technical training will be sent to you.

Completing both online and technical trainings:

  • Online: This is an online course which provides experience of being an online student while promoting online instructional concepts, methodologies, and quality standard principles through:
    • introducing instructional techniques used to promote interaction and community building.
    • reviewing online assessments strategies.
    • discussing issues related to copyright and fair use.
    • introducing our Virtual Quality Assurance program and the standards on which it is built.
  • Hands-on Training: These are face-to-face session(s) focusing on the technical mechanics of working with the Virtual Campus course tools.
  • Moving to Online Teaching: Although NOT part of the program, the online course contains additional tips, videos, and documentation on how to get started with building your course.

Schedule of the Online Course & Technical Trainings

To gain the full benefit of community building, sharing of resources and interactive activities which will be available in the online and face-to-face sessions we would like to have a cohort of instructors go through the entire training series at the same time, yet most often this is not possible.

With that said, there is no "set" schedule in place since it is rather contingent on the number of participants we have each semester.

E-Learning Online course: The online course is always open for access and can be taken as you go through the Hands-on Training. After the Agreement form has been signed (as described above), contact the Distance Learning Department and we will provide you access to the course as well as answer any additional questions you may have.

Hands-on Training: You will need to make an appointment with one of our Technical Specialist for several "virtual" or on-campus trainings which include a general orientation to course tools, direct course tools training, and an assessment of skills learned through creation of a “Start Here” module.

Each semester we also provide additional scheduled training which you can participate (view Workshop Schedule). If you are unable to make the scheduled face-to-face sessions contact one of our Technical Specialists (Angela Elder or Bryan Brown) for a virtual session.

Incentives The E-Learning Certification provides 72 contact hours. These hours equate to 3 Educational Growth Credits (EGC's for faculty) or 3 Professional Growth Credits for Adjunct Faculty. These credits are applied to advancement in pay scale (faculty) and Tier Level (adjunct)
The breakdown of the hours are as follows:

  • Online Session - 64 contact hours
  • Hands-on sessions - 8 contact hours


Office Hours
7:30 AM-5:00 PM


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Linda McConnell
Director, Distance Learning
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Angela Elder
Technical Specialist
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Bryan Brown
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