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The following are questions asked by online faculty. Most questions answered here concern managing your online course and preparing for new course offerings. If you can't find an answer to your question please contact the Help Desk by phone : (979) 230-3266 | email : helpdesk@brazosport.edu | chat : Live Chat with HelpDesk or the Distance Learning and Online Instruction Department by phone: (979) 230-3487 | email: distancelearning@brazosport.edu .

Question: I am in D2L, I have searched for this semester under View All Courses and I can't see my course(s) for this semester, how come?

Answer: Your courses may not be loaded yet due to the following:

  • It is still too early to load next semester courses. This is typically done about 2 months before the new semester.
  • The courses may not have been properly flagged by the department in POISE (registration system). Contact your AOS (secretary) to confirm and if they are indeed marked for D2L in POISE, contact the HelpDesk and request the course to be loaded.
  • You may not be the designated instructor in POISE for that course.  Contact your AOS (secretary) to confirm and if you are indeed the listed instructor in POISE, contact the HelpDesk and request the course to be loaded.

Question: It is the end of the semester and I want to release my final grades in the GradeBook, how do I do that?

Answer: It really depends on if you have your course set to release the Final Calculated Grade column or the Final Adjusted Grade column. Either method used involves a 2 step process with the first step being to select to calculate graded items and the next to release them for student view.  You can either review the Grades manual which illustrates this process or contact Angela Elder or Bryan Brown who can go over the steps with you (email: angela.elder@brazosport.edu or email: bryan.brown@brazosport.edu).

Question: I want to start working on a new course for an upcoming semester, how can I do this?

Answer: You can request a MASTER course shell at any time by emailing helpdesk@brazosport.edu. When emailing the helpdesk with this type of request please indicate a course title.

Question: l have been notified by my department to teach online for the first time what is the process I need to go through in order to accomplish this?

Answer: That depends on the course type. If you are to teach either a fully online (no face to face contact) or hybrid course (some face to face contact) you will need to complete the E-Learning Certification Program

If you plan to teach a supplemental course (100% face to face contact) there is no need to be certified.

Question: It is the beginning of a new semester, how do I copy materials over to the new course?

Answer: That depends on if the previous course belongs to you or to another instructor. If you are the owner of the course you can either review the Copy Course to new Semester manual or contact Angela Elder or Bryan Brown who can go over the steps with you (angela.elder@brazosport.edu or bryan.brown@brazosport.edu).

If the course belongs to a different instructor you will not be able to copy the course. The instructor should email a request to the Distance Learning Department allowing the course to be copied to your new course shell. In this email it should indicate the title of the course in which the materials currently exist and the title of the course in which you want the content to be copied into.

Question: I have taught my course for a few semesters and would like to make it more interactive, who can I go to for help?

Answer: email the Distance Learning Department to make an appointment to discuss how you can enhance the course to be more interactive and student centered.

Question: I forgot my Zstudent password, what do I do?

Answer: Email the Distance Learning Department or call 979-230-3487.

Question: The course has started, but I don't see all my students, who do I contact?

Answer: Contact the HelpDesk (phone: 979-230-3266 | email: helpdesk@brazosport.edu)

Question: I can't see my course from last semester, how come?

Answer: It may have been "unpinned" and is now viewable by clicking the link for "View all Courses".

If you need help locating it email the Distance Learning Department or call 979-230-3487.

Question: How do I grant another instructor permission to view my course?

Answer: Email the Distance Learning Department or call 979-230-3487. If emailing please indicate the instructor's name, title of course, and semester in which the course falls under.

Question: I am trying to remove a grade item from the Gradebook and it is not letting me do so, what needs to be done?

Answer: Typically this is due to the grade item being associated with a tool such as a discussion topic, quiz or dropbox item. These tools MUST be disconnected or unlinked to the grade item in order for it to be deleted. 

To unlink a tool, go to the tool area (discussion, dropbox, or quizzes) and select to edit. Once in edit mode remove the associated link to the gradebook and save.

If you need help with this process contact Angela Elder or Bryan Brown (angela.elder@brazosport.edu or bryan.brown@brazosport.edu).

Question: Why can't I see grades and or the final grades in the grade book?

Answer: You will need to change the Grades setting to display points and weighted grades. To set this option go to Grades, over on the top left select Settings, under the Grade Details header check the boxes for Points grade and Weighted grade, scroll down and click Save. If you need help with this process contact Angela Elder (979-230-3594 | email: angela.elder@brazosport.edu), or Bryan Brown (phone: 979-230-3487 | email: bryan.brown@brazosport.edu).


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