DIstance Learning and Online Education Header image Our Virtual Campus is more than just a course management system (Desire2Learn), it is a gate way to a variety of student support services, programs and resources that can now be accessed virtually. 

If you are faculty or staff in need of assistance, please email the Distance Learning & Online Instruction Department (distancelearning@brazosport.edu) or call 979-230-3487. If you are a student, please contact the HelpDesk at 979-230-3266 or helpdesk@brazosport.edu. The following manuals focus on how to work with Desire2Learn (D2L) which is our course management system used for hosting and managing online courses at Brazosport College. 

Experiencing Technical Issues 8/22/2022: We are in the process of updating our manuals to PDF. Till then you may experience issues in opening those that are in Microsoft Word. Based on the browser you are using (Chrome or Firefox), view steps to access these documents.

A Bit about Contact Hours
Explanation of Contact Hours includes Activity List of Corresponding Activities
15wk Contact Hour Template (Excel file to plan weekly contact hours associated with activities)
8wk Contact Hour Template

Virtual Campus Manuals:

Course Access/Set & Go Tools
Awards Tool
Creating Groups
Copying an Online Course OR Copying Individual Course Components
News, Checklists, and Notifications
Pin and Unpin Courses
Quick Eval
Use Scenarios for Intelligent Agent Tool
Using Virtual Campus Email
Working with Intelligent Agent Tool
You-Attend Quick Start Guide

Assessment Tools
Discussions Assignments
Discussions: Journal Based Assignments
Discussion Rubric: Best Practices
Discussion: Tips
Dropbox Assignments
Dropbox Annotation Tool (video)
Quizzes: Create a Quiz
Quizzes: Managing Questions via Question Library
Quizzes: Enabling Respondus LockDown Browser
Quizzes: Respondus Monitor integration with Pearson MyLab
Quizzes: Importing a Word document or a CVS File
Quizzes: Importing using TestGen
Quizzes: Creating a Question Pool
Quizzes: Exporting Statistics/Data for IR
Quizzes: Linking Questions to Learning Objectives
Resolving LockDown Browser Fixit Errors
Rubrics: Creating & Managing
Video Note
Viewing Turnitin Similarity Reports

Content Tool: Set Up
Content Tool: Using the HTML Editor
Exempting Students from a Content Topic/Activity
SCORM Objects & Connecting to Gradebook
Tips for Facilitating Virtual Meetings to Engage Students (.ppt)
Video Assignments: Set Up & Management
Virtual Classroom: Set Up & Management
Using a Document Camera with Virtual Classroom
Zoom Meetings: Set Up & Management
Zoom Meetings: Download, Archive, Delete
Zoom Meeting: Tips & Tricks

Working with Grades and Viewing Student Progress
Running Grade Average

Using StudyMate

Configuring Your Gradebook & Setting a Running Average
Flipgrid Setup
Posting News, Creating Student Self-Checklists, and Setting up Course Notifications
The Virtual Classroom
Group Video Assignments
Setting Up and Managing the Content Tool
Using the Intelligent Agent for Auto Generated Reminders
Adding, Managing, and Assessing Dropbox items
Using Competency Tool to Link Activities to Learning Objectives

Strategy Information
Using Group Projects Effectively (CMU Eberly Center)
Creating Groups & Lockers in your Online Course
Working with Groups & Using Lockers (students)

Online Quality Assurance Templates
Read message from the Dean of Instruction (doc) on what ALSO needs to be included in the syllabus for Fall 2022. Use the HTML version to copy and paste in template.
On-Campus Course Syllabus Template
Online Course Syllabus Template
Online Course Syllabus Template (HTML Version)
Hybrid Course Syllabus Template
Hybrid Course Syllabus Template (HTML Version)
Online Course Development Checklist
Online Course Module Outline
Online Course Assignment Template
Hybrid Course Assignment Template

Create a MyMediasite account, add video and embed into online course
Create MyMediasite Quizzes & Export Grades
Editing video using MyMediasite internal editor
How to download video to edit via ScreenPal

Pickit Add-On
Pickit Request Form (submit to receive invite email with username/password)

Inserting Pickit add-on to Microsoft Office
Searching & Inserting Images using Pickit

ScreenPal Password Request Form (submit to access password to download/install)

Installing ScreenPal
Working with ScreenPal
ScreenPal Editing Cut, Copy, Hide, Insert
ScreenPal Editing Narrate, Transitions, Volume, Overlay Text
ScreenPal Editing Overlay Blur, Overlay Layering, Replace Freeze Frame
ScreenPal Editing Overlay Image, Replace Video, Animating Overlays, Blur Moving Objects
ScreenPal Editing Overlay Outline, Speed Up, Slow Down, Overlay Highlight

Edit Tools (covers cutting, using overlays, inserting pauses, transitions, and  more)
Editing Help (covers editing audio, cursor highlighting, zooming, and more)
Scripted Recordings (creating scripts to lay out exactly what you want to say)

Percussion Website
Using Percussion (for faculty websites)


Office Hours
7:30 AM-5:00 PM


Paige Barnes
Room A.200
Phone (979) 230-3494
Email Paige.Barnes@brazosport.edu

Jennifer Poland
Instructional Designer
Room A.210
Phone (979) 230-3178
Email Jennifer.Poland@brazosport.edu

Linda McConnell
Director, Distance Learning
Room A.202
Phone (979) 230-3368
Email Linda.Mcconnell@brazosport.edu

Angela Elder
Technical Specialist
Room A.214
Phone (979) 230-3594
Email Angela.Elder@brazosport.edu

Bryan Brown
Instructional Designer
Room A.201
Phone (979) 230-3487
Email Bryan.Brown@brazosport.edu

Brandon Lam
Technical Specialist
Room A.212
Phone (979) 230-3640
Email Brandon.Lam@brazosport.edu