DIstance Learning and Online Education Header image The following are questions asked by students and answered by the Help Desk. Most questions answered here concern working in your online course. If you can't find an answer to your question please contact the Help Desk by phone: (979) 230-3266 | email: helpdesk@brazosport.edu | chat: Live Chat with HelpDesk.
Question: Are online classes easier than taking a course on campus?
Answer: No. Typically they are harder. Take a moment to view an Introduction to Online learning created by California Community College's online educational initiative. It can put to rest many of the myths folks have about online classes.

Do you offer any programs online?
Answer: Yes. Through a careful selection of online courses, students can not only complete the  Brazosport College Core Curriculum, but also complete the Associate of Arts online. I highly suggest to contact one of our online counselors/academic advisors for further information about online degree choices.
Question: I just took my first online quiz and ran into some technical problems when I submitted it. Are there certain things I should be doing so that this doesn't happen again?
Answer: There are a lot of factors that could cause issues when taking a test online such a internet connection speeds, amount of activity on internet service lines at the time of the test, browser settings, security settings, and so on. Yet, there are some things you can do prior to each test to help minimize problems during submission. View the manual for Preventive Measures for Successful Quiz Submission.

What is Digitex and how is that different then the Virtual Campus at Brazosport?
Answer: Digitex (formally known as VCT) is where all community colleges in Texas share courses. If your schedule or needs do not match our courses at Brazosport, our Digitex Coordinator can help connect you with online courses that match your educational needs from other schools.
Question: I am having trouble logging into the Virtual Campus (D2L), what's wrong?
Answer: You need to use your BC username and password in order to log in. Typically the username is the first initial of your first name, your full last name and the last 4 digits of your student ID (j.smith1234). Your password would be "bc" and your pin number (bc123456).
If you still have trouble with log in contact the Helpdesk for assistance (phone: 979-230-3266 | email: helpdesk@brazosport.edu | chat: Live Chat with HelpDesk).
Question: I recently changed my last name, who should I notify?

Answer: Changing your last name can affect registration and login processes. It is important to let the Administration office (979-230-3020) as soon as possible. If you are having issues logging into D2L, your recent name change could be the issue, contact the Help Desk for additional assistance (979-206-3266).

Question: My teacher says all her/his tests are proctored. How do I go about taking these?

Answer: Proctoring means someone will need to supervise the test taking process. You will need to schedule a time to come on campus for your proctored exam with Learning Services. If  you are unable to come to campus, you can contact them for information on where an acceptable proctoring location is in your area (phone: 979-230-3235 | email: BCProctor@brazosport.edu | Live text Chat).
Question. I emailed my instructor using the Email in my course, but he/she didn't email back. What should I do?

Answer: The Email tool in your class is internal to the course, which means the instructor or your fellow students have to log into the course to know they have a new email or even write an email. Unless otherwise indicated by the instructor it may be best to communicate with them via their brazosport.edu address (view faculty directory for addresses). For example: jane.doe@brazosport.edu.

Question: Sometimes when I log into my online course I hear I high pitched beeping sound that won't stop. Is there something wrong?

Answer: What you hear is the Pager alarm which indicates you have an instant message waiting to be read. Click on the email iconEmail icon in the top right corner of the course navbar, then click on the "Go to Pager" link to open and read it. Once fully opened the beeper will turn off.

Question: I have a couple of writing assignments coming due in my course and am a bit rusty in writing papers. Where can I get some help?

Answer: If you are on campus you can either visit with one of our tutors by going to E-200 or schedule an online writing tutoring appointment. To contact tutors: call (979)-230-3460 or visit the Student Success Center website for additional information.


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